New Tennis Bag Styles to Buy in 2019

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Bags, bags and more bags! Shopping for tennis bags can be overwhelming since there are so many different varieties and variations. However, there are signature designs and technologies that help the premium tennis bags stand out on the market. Manufacturers are not only updating the designs to match new tennis racquets, but also adding advanced technologies to meet your needs as a consumer.

One of the biggest trends for 2019 is going smaller and more compact so players can use bags for more than just tennis. Below are our favorite new releases.


Head Gravity 12R Duffel Tennis Bag

Head Gravity 12R Tennis Duffle Bag


This is a completely new concept for Head and, I think, a move in the right direction. The duffel style offers a more spacious and customizable bag to fit any tennis player’s needs. This larger size still allows you to hold up to 12 tennis racquets, if you need to, plus additional tennis essentials. There is a large outside zippered compartment that features Climate Control Technology+ to protect up to 5 racquets from external weather. Additionally, the outside bag material is made with polyester and thermoplastic elastomer for added weather protection. The large main compartment features removable dividers so you can organize the bag how you want. One side has a smaller accessory pocket for personal valuable storage, while the other side has a ventilated shoe pocket. The top features two adjustable padded straps that make it easy to carry. For players that want something smaller, Head also offers a 6R version in the Gravity color scheme.


Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL White



Tecnifibre has been the lead initiator behind the new tennis duffle bag design since 2017. In 2019, they again update their bag line with their main push behind the Rackpack. What’s most unique about Tecnifibre bags though is their improved technology. Instead of keeping the thermal lining inside the racquet compartment, they shifted it outside to cover the entire bag. This Tarpaulin liner gives the bag stronger durability, water resistance and UV ray protection as well as making it easier to clean. The main compartment allows you to customize the organization and hold anywhere from 6-12 racquets along with other tennis gear. The flap on top also features two zipped mesh pockets for strings, grips, energy bars, etc. The bottom features a ventilated shoe pocket that’s large enough to fit 2 pairs of shoes, while the top features a premium padded carrying system. Players can find a great variety of tennis bags from Tecnifibre that all feature similar updated technologies. If you want something that pops on court but need more space, there’s also the White Tour Endurance 15R Tennis Bag or White Tour Endurance Pro 12R Tennis Bag.


Babolat Pure Strike Duffle M Tennis Bag and Pure Strike Tennis Backpack

Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Bags 2019

Babolat is really changing up the way you think of tennis bags this year with a new Pure Strike Duffle and Backpack. These bags will coordinate with the color scheme of the 3rd Generation Pure Strike tennis racquets, but these bags standout for themselves. The Duffle will be the bigger of the two and can carry up to 6 frames comfortably. This time around, Babolat decided to fully insulate the main large compartment with isothermal liner to protect your gear from extreme temperatures. This bag also comes with a large zippered accessory pocket, two bright red grab handles, adjustable padded backpack straps and a separate drawstring carrying case. The Backpack also comes redesigned this year providing players with more function, storage space and style. The large main compartment is now foldable, thermally insulated and has room for up to 3 tennis racquets. There’s also an additional back zippered compartment, a small zippered front pocket and padding throughout the back with adjustable backpack straps. Players that need a little more storage space can also get the Pure Strike x12 Racquet Holder Tennis Bag in a similar color scheme.


Wilson Clash Large Tennis Duffel Bag

Wilson Clash Large Tennis Duffle Bag

Following the trend of its competitors, Wilson too adds a duffel tennis bag to their line that matches their newest Clash tennis racquets. This duffel features a large main compartment that utilizes a smart organization system so you can divide your belongings into specific areas along with up to 4 tennis racquets. The sides feature a zippered shoe pocket as well as a small zip fleece pocket for personal valuables. On top are two adjustable grab handles for carrying and the bottom features a coated polyester finish for added durability. For players that want something slightly smaller, but in a similar color scheme, they can get the Clash Small Tennis Duffel Bag. Wilson also added a Clash Junior Tennis Backpack to their line for aspiring young players.


Wilson Federer DNA 12 Pack Wimbledon Tennis Bag

Wilson Federer DNA 12 Pack Wimbledon Tennis Bag

All you need to know is that Roger Federer uses this bag! This premium bag really hits the mark for stylish design and is one great looking tennis bag. The White and Gold color scheme add elements of high class style. The two large main compartments feature wider openings so you can hold up to 6 tennis racquets in each. Additionally these compartments are lined with gold Thermoguard 2.0 technology to protect your gear from extreme temperatures. On each side are two large zippered accessory pockets for storage and the bottom features ergonomic backpack straps for easy transporting. For those that don’t want something this big or blingy, there’s also the Federer DNA Wimbledon Tennis Backpack. 


Dunlop CX Performance Holdall Tennis Bag

Dunlop CX Performance Holdall Tennis Bag

With the addition of Srixon to the Dunlop tennis brand, the company has been trending in a new direction that really has sparked some innovative concepts. Their bags, which were about average before, have seen major improvement to technologies and designs. The CX Performance Holdall Bag comes with a similar duffel concept where you can store more internally. The large main compartment features customizable organization and can hold up to 8 tennis racquets at a time as well as other tennis gear. A smaller accessory pocket can be found on one side, while the opposite side has a ventilated shoe pocket. On top are ergonomic padded shoulder straps as well as two grab handles for convenient carrying. This bag comes in an all-black color scheme as well as a black/red color scheme to match the CX Series tennis racquets.


Head Sharapova Racquet Court Tennis Bag 

Head Maria Sharapova 6R Court Tennis Bag

This bag is specifically designed by Maria Sharapova so she can carry it on court. The duffle style concept allows it to carry up to 6 tennis racquets along with other tennis essentials like towels, clothes, shoes, etc. Climate Control Technology + is featured along one of the internal racquet compartments for protection. The two adjustable handle straps on top make it convenient to transport. The bottom has a protected layer so you can set the bag down and not worry about it getting dirty. The bag material is made with a polyester/polyurethane blend so it can protect your gear from inclement weather as well. Ladies can also get a Sharapova Racquet Combi Bag or Tennis Tote in similar style. 


If you want to upgrade your game, then you need one of these tennis bags for the 2019 season. Look out for more tennis bags coming soon! Check out our YouTube channel and Blog page to see video reviews on some of your favorite bags.

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