New Year’s Resolutions for Tennis Players


While 2020 was definitely a challenging year for most of us, the start of the new year gives us a chance to reset and refocus. Setting New Year’s resolutions provides an end goal for you to work towards throughout the year to better yourself. Check out these 6 tennis-themed resolutions to better your game while working on yourself!


1. Teach someone to play tennis

Passing on your knowledge of tennis has benefits for you, as well as your new protégé. Instructing a new player on the ins and outs, rules, and techniques of tennis will sharpen your knowledge and improve your technique. Instead of being comfortable with simply going through the motions of each serve and stroke, you will be more focused on the technical aspects of the game. Keeping those technical aspects in the front of your mind will ensure you use them while playing; not just while teaching. Plus, you’ll have one more person to play with and share your love of the game with. It’s a win-win for both of you! Tennis Express has great prices on beginner racquets for juniors and adults who are ready to get started.


2. Try out a new court

According to the International Tennis Federation, there are around 489,000 tennis courts around the world. However, most players have only played at a handful of these. Maybe you want to add a new challenge to your game, or you want to try out a grass court. There are several courts around Houston that you could try on any given weekend. There are also amazing courts worldwide that would make for an awesome activity on vacation. Check out our blog post on The Top 10 Most Beautiful Tennis Courts in the World for some ideas!



3. Learn a new technique

Learning a new technique will allow you to challenge yourself and grow as a player. Maybe you want to learn a new shot, or perfect one that you occasionally struggle with. What if learning a new grip will completely change your game? Talk to a teammate, coach, or another tennis player, and see what you can learn from them. Sometimes a new racquet can really help motivate you and provide some confidence. When you find out what you want to improve, use our extensive demo program to help you on your racquet mission! Whatever it is you end up learning, you’ll feel like a pro when you use your new skill to win a match!


4. Improve your serve

Most tennis players have room to improve when it comes to their serve. Get feedback from someone with a stronger serve than you and allow them to give you some suggestions. If you don’t have anyone to get feedback from, video yourself serving and analyze the video to see what you need to work on. Improving your footwork or perfecting your toss could completely change your serve. Set a goal to serve a bucket of balls a week (this portable ball basket is perfect for hitting practice serves!), and see how much your overall game improves!




5. Incorporate cross-training into your routine

We all know that tennis is an amazing form of exercise on its own. However, tennis pros have proven that it is beneficial, and even necessary, to cross-train to improve stamina, endurance, and performance both on and off the court. Whether it’s incorporating yoga into your routine for flexibility, weight lifting for strength, or running for endurance, the benefits of cross-training are innumerable. Check out our blog post on why you should be cross-training for more information and inspiration. If you’re looking to branch out into a new sport for some variety, try pickleball. To get you started, here’s a quick pickleball gear guide for men and women.


6. Defeat a more challenging opponent

If you have been avoiding playing against a certain opponent because you never seem to win, make defeating them your goal! Playing against a stronger opponent can improve your game and make you a better player. The challenge of defeating that opponent will give you something to work towards to up your game. The confidence boost you will gain from that win will make you feel invincible on the court. In any case, if you put the five previous resolutions into practice, you’re pretty much guaranteed to win, anyway!


Regardless of your goal, setting a resolution will give you something to work towards in 2021. Whatever you resolve to do, make sure you have fun, work hard, and leave the court with a smile!


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