Nike Men’s Holiday Tennis Collection

Nike Men's Holiday Tennis Clothing

Nike Men’s Holiday Tennis Collection

Nike dropped its Men’s Holiday clothing line to some pretty big hype, and they didn’t disappoint one bit! This collection contains most of the same types of clothing from the last one (Shoutouts to our Fall 2016 article) but that’s not to say that Nike didn’t dazzle everyone with the line. The new colors are really something.

After seeing so much of the Volt/Black combination at the US Open, everyone here at Tennis Express thought that the trend of bright colors would continue, and it certainly did. If your eyes haven’t naturally migrated to the image to the right let them do that now. It’s impossible not to notice the Bright Mango, Purple Dynasty, and Bright Citrus colors at the forefront of this year’Nike Men's Holiday Tennis clothings Holiday collection.

The perfect way for you to show off these vibrant new colors is with the Team Court Tennis Crew. At almost any tennis tournament there is, you will be able to find someone sporting this style of shirt. Why is it so popular? Because it works. Pros wear it because of its lightweight Dri-FIT material, split tail hem vents. You wear it because it’s durable and comfortable. I wear it because professionals such as Kyrgios, Sock, and Nadal have been wearing them on the court.

There is a large contingent of the tennis population that found the brightness of the volt to be a bit off-putting. Fortunately, this collection is not nearly as flashy. Despite having “Bright” in literally two-thirds of the new color names, the new shirts that Nike provided are deceptively muted.

Check out the Men’s Gladiator 9 inch Shorts. Each one of the shorts in stock features the Bright Mango color, but the heavy polyester blend gives the naturally explosive color a certain muted quality. You can see this same characteristic on the Rafa Challenger Tennis Top.

Nike Men's Holiday Tennis ClothingThis top, which Rafael Nadal actually wore when he defeated Lorenzi in the first round of the China Open, is the centerpiece of this collection. Along with moisture wicking and UV protective technologies, this shirt features AeroReact.  What is AeroReact? Let me provide you an analogy: If Dri-FIT plays tennis on a 6.0 level, AeroReact competes for Open titles. Nike’s new technology uses special fibers that will open when you are hot and close when you cool down, keeping you at your optimal temperature all year long. Well, maybe except when it is freezing. Luckily, we have something for you!

There are three new and unique jackets, all highlighting something different. The first is the Rafa Premier Tennis Jacket. This jacket is mostly polyester, and features Squadron Blue with a hint of Bright Citrus. Next is the Roger Federer N98 Jacket in Purple Dynasty, endorsed by the Maestro himself. The third, and flashiest, is the Premier Jacket with Purple Dynasty and Bright Mango sleeves. Go grab some of this gear and show off the flashy new colors!

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