Oversize Racquets – Are They All the Same?

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Oversize racquets, or “game-improvement racquets,” can get lost in the tennis industry today. Although manufacturers produce many different types of oversize racquets, most players don’t know which one to choose. The purpose of oversize racquets is to assist players in getting the ball back and making it less cumbersome to swing. Not everyone can be like the pros hitting with a 90-100 square inch head at an 11+ oz. strung weight their whole life. I will take a look at three different oversize racquets that fit various styles and levels of players.



First up is the Wilson Triad XP 5. Wilson has been making oversize racquets ever since they started making aluminum and graphite frames. Over time, they have continued to improve the game by developing high tech frames that benefit players of all levels. The Triad series has been Wilson’s best asset for pushing great oversize racquets that players will love. The Triad racquet series takes a traditional racquet and breaks it into three parts: power, comfort and control. Their latest technology update allows players to maximize all three levels without compromise. The Wilson Triad XP 5 is the heaviest in their line, and falls at the border of oversize and midplus. This racquet takes a traditional players frame and gives it a little more power with a lightweight feel. Coming in at 10.2 ounces strung with a 103 square inch head this frame lines up with many lighter weight tweener frames on the market today. Players that enjoy getting easy power with a decent amount of control will fall in love. The heavier swing weight will give it a little more stability for fast paced shots at the net and still provide good mobility. Players that have longer swings can also enjoy hitting from the baseline and not worry about the ball going out of control. Overall this frame may have a feel and look of an oversize racquet, but it will play comparable to a lightweight tweener racquet.

Wilson Triad XP 5 Tennis Racquet


The 2018 Babolat Pure Drive 110 is closer to your traditional oversize racquet in terms of head size and length, but it has more benefits for aggressive baseline players. Babolat wanted to create a high-performance oversize racquet that utilizes the same great benefits as their most popular racquet, the Pure Drive. This racquet has been updated for 2018 and incorporates the same technologies as the other racquets in the Pure Drive line giving players a great deal of power, feel and spin. The major differences are the larger head size at 110 square inches, extended length at 27.6 inches, lighter weight at 9.5 ounces strung and slighter thicker beam width at 24/27/24 mm. Most oversize racquets give plenty of power and spin but lack in stability and control from the baseline. The slightly thicker beam works in the players favor to provide plenty of power but the beam isn’t overly thick allowing for good flexibility and control. The lighter weight and head light balance will help any player plow through their groundstrokes. Additionally, the larger head size gives players a little more room for error with off-center shots. All in all, this oversize frame is more ideal for players that like to stay at the baseline and rely on their groundstrokes or serves to win points.

2018 Babolat Pure Drive 110 Tennis Racquet


The Head MXG 7 is what most people think of when they hear “oversize racquet.” Head combined magnesium with Graphene Touch in this racquet line to give players more natural power, spin and control. The magnesium bridge at the bottom of the racquet head provides the player with great stability at a lower weight. The MXG 7 is the largest and lightest of the new line built for players who need easy access to power and spin. With a 115 square-inch head, 9.3 unstrung weight and a 28/29/26 mm cross section, there is no mistaking this racquet for a traditional players frame. This lightweight frame will be very mobile and provides a great amount of power/spin from everywhere on the court. Control will be lacking because it is made for players that need assistance in generating power. The extended length and larger sweetspot make it easy to get balls back in play especially on the defensive end. Players who are looking for a racquet to do a lot of the work for them and still have a comfortable feel will enjoy the MXG 7.

Head MXG 7 Tennis Racquet


As you can see, all oversize racquets are not created equal. These three oversize racquets play different from each other and are suitable for various players. If you are considering switching to an oversize racquet, be sure to take it out for a demo before purchasing.

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