Pickleball Gear Under $100

Looking to upgrade your Pickleball gear with quality products at an affordable price?  You’ve come to the right place. Tennis Express has hundreds of pickleball products to choose from including paddles, shoes, gear, and apparel. Whether you’re a new player looking to get in the game or a seasoned player ready to take your game to the next level, we’ve got some great options.

Pickleball is still the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t require much in terms of equipment and setup. It can also be played at nearly any age and on a variety of skill levels. While it might be easy to get the hang of it, people can spend years trying to perfect the “dink”, which is a softly hit ball that just arches over the net and lands in an area called the “kitchen”. Besides the crazy lingo and crazier pickleball scoring, the game is lively and quick. It’s also a rewarding workout and will make a great addition to most fitness regimens.

Pickleball Paddles


There are a variety of pickleball paddles on the market.  Some are made out of wood, and others are a combination of carbon fiber and graphite. Each material has its pros and cons. For example, a carbon fiber pickleball paddle might be lighter, therefore, more comfortable. But a composite paddle will be quieter. Also, a lighter paddle will give you a little more control than a weighted one, however, a heavier paddle will give you more power.

Either way, a pickleball paddle is an essential part of the game. In fact, it’s vital. So, if you’re a beginner, I recommend you start with a lightweight, comfortable paddle. The Babolat XPLR Pickleball Paddle or the Gamma Fusion Pro Pickleball Paddle are solid options. Avoid starting with too heavy of a paddle which can create elbow strain, fatigue in your arm and shoulder, and keep you off the court. Be patient and remember, you can always upgrade your paddle as your game improves. But make sure your next one is approved by the USAPA, which regulates paddle sizes for leagues and compitions.

Specialty Pickleball Shoes


A lot of people use standard tennis shoes on the pickleball court, and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there are some specialty shoes distinctively designed for pickleball players. They are constructed in a way that promotes quick side-to-side movement and short, compact steps. These types of pickleball shoes offer excellent ankle support and have unique features that set them apart from standard tennis shoes. For example, some pickleball shoes have an extra eyelet at the throat. This helps hold the foot in place during nibble and zippy points.

Although the differences between traditional tennis shoes and pickleball shoes might be subtle, they all add up. When buying shoes consider breathability, amount of cushion, durability, and responsiveness. Always wear non-marking soles since indoor and outdoor court surfaces are very sensitive.

Equipment & Gear


We carry a variety of equipment to help get you started! This includes indoor and outdoor balls by top manufacturers. Be aware that indoor balls have fewer holes than outdoor balls.  They have 26-holes while outdoor balls have 40.  This allows more airflow to travel through the ball when it’s being batted around in an unpredictable environment.

Ball hoppers, collection tubes, and practice cones are beneficial for beginner players. Think of these tools as your assistants on the court and be sure to check out cool pickleball bags, grips, and water bottles too.

His and Hers Apparel


Perhaps one of the most radical aspects of the game is pickleball apparel. It’s cool, lightweight, and built for comfort. It’s also very fashionable and can be worn in just about any social setting.  Pockets or designated ball holders under a skirt or skort are highly encouraged. They come in handy especially when you’re starting out and will save you time chasing down the ball.

Loose-fitting clothing are nice, however, you don’t want it to be so baggy that you get caught up in your clothes. You should have room to swing your arms and legs without encumbrances. Hats and visors are a must, especially for outdoor play. Sun-protective clothing is always a good investment, and when you can, buy a few stand-out pieces and some solids that will easily mix and match to create a confident-boosting outfit.

Most of all, go out and have fun.

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