Pure Joy from the Babolat Pure Aero

With the massive success of the AeroPro Drive courtesy of Rafa Nadal, one could easily let Babolat slide if they chose not to tinker with a winning formula. However Babolat went back to the drawing board to develop the new and improved Pure Aero family of racquet. Sporting an Aeromodular 2 design, the new models are even more aerodynamic than before. The introduction of an FSI Spin string pattern (more spacing between crosses) as well as oblong grommets has increased the power and spin potential even more. The feel of the new line has been massively improved by moving the Cortex dampening system inside of the frames themselves. While still stiffly constructed frames, they offer a better connection to the ball on impact than ever before. With a host of different variants, Babolat has created another frame that should have massive appeal with a wide audience.

Advanced players who always wished the AeroPro Drive had some extra weight will rejoice with the long overdue introduction of the Pure Aero Tour. Its firm construction and 23/26/23 beam ensure it offers the same easy access to huge power that the line has always had. An increased strung weight of 11.6oz gives this model even more ball crushing power from the baseline. The aerodynamic design and headlight balance ensure a high level of racquet head speed for adding both pace and spin to shots. The FSI string pattern yields additional spin and helps keep the power level consistent at the top of the string bed. Maneuverability at net is solid thanks to the balance and the power makes it easy to finish off balls. The additional weight of the Tour also makes it supremely stable and it can easily stand up against big hitters.

If you loved the easy swinging power of the standard AeroPro, you’ll have three solid options to choose from with the Pure AeroPure Aero Play and Pure Aero +. All three sport the same 23/26/23 beam for plenty of power on serve and groundies. There is a bit more punching power on shots thanks to an increase in swingweight to these models over previous versions. The 11.1oz strung weight of the three ensures that they swing with ample head speed for spin and power production. The + model has an extra half inch of length for a bit of extra leverage and reach on serve and off the ground. All three models have a headlight balance to ensure they play with nimble response as you move forward to the net. The integrated Cortex unit provides a drastic improvement for feel, giving players better confidence with delicate shots and all court play.

Developing players and juniors who want options that are easier to swing without sacrificing the power and spin of the standard models have excellent choices in the Pure Aero Team and Pure Aero Lite. These have the same construction and design as the other models, ensuring they play with plenty of power and spin production. The Team’s 10.6oz strung weight makes it a great option for intermediate players as it is easy to accelerate through contact for additional speed and spin on the ball. With a 10oz strung weight and balance a little closer to even, the Pure Aero Lite creates fast swings while still offering solid stability for juniors and less advanced players.

Babolat has done a tremendous job of creating racquets that are easy for players of multiple levels to pick up and have success with. The new Pure Aero family of racquets is no exception to that trend. It blends together incredible power and spin capabilities with dramatically improved feel and connection to the ball. With a variety of weight and length options, every player should find something they like in this new surefire best seller from Babolat.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.

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