Solfire Transcend Tennis Clothing for Women

Solfire Transcend Tennis Clothing

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When I think of Brooklyn, NY I think of hipsters, Coney Island, bar trivia nights, quirky coffee shops, the elusive G train, young fashionistas, and now SOLFIRE! This innovative brand creates inspired athletic apparel by blending function, fashion, and art into wearable pieces. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I want when picking out my next competition outfit. The most important element of athletic clothing to me is the fit. Luckily, Solfire agrees with me there and works to find fabrics and styles that give me the competitive edge I need on the court. This summer they’re delivering some of their best products to date with the Solfire Transcend Collection, so let’s look at it together.

 shortsIt’s summer and it’s hot, so I want to start with the Rhombus Peak
Solfire consistently makes incredible running shorts with their comfortable built-in compression shorts, wide waistband, and discreet waist pocket. What I love about these shorts in particular is the subtle rhombus print on the waistband and hemline trim. Style and visibility merge to create these beautiful shorts! skortOf course, not everyone likes to train and compete in shorts, so a flashier, more feminine option is available with the Classic Peak 12.5-Inch Skort. The flowy, semi-sheer layers of the overskirt move with you to create a young and flirty look while the built-in compression shorts of the same color create a strong silhouette. Like every piece in this collection, these items feature α-tech (alpha-tech), which is a quick drying, breathable, performance fabric that includes anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and UPF 50 properties so you are comfortable and protected in all conditions.


My absolute favorite thing to wear when working out is spandex. In the Winter I wear long pants, in the Summer I wear shorts, and in the Spring and Fall (and for tights compositeindoor workouts) I wear capri length. Basically, I’m in spandex tights every day and I LOVE the Rhombus Fast Tennis Tights! These have a simple look, but are spiced up by the fun pattern at the sides and knees, slimming and elongating your hips and legs. Who doesn’t like to look longer and leaner? With these on, you’ll have plenty of storage at your fingertips with the inner-waist and side leg pockets. Comfort is always a priority for Solfire and this is no exception: an oversized waistband and power mesh panels keep these tights close to your skin and keep you cool. I love these comfy tights so much I recommend buying several pairs!

bra composite


For female athletes, no outfit is complete without a supportive, high-performance, complementary bra. The Rhombus Circuit Tennis Bra does not disappoint with its wide, covered elastic band under the chest that moves with you comfortably. An eyelet mesh back creates a breathable bra that keeps sweat off your skin…who doesn’t love that!? I teelove this classic and beautiful bra under the Ombre Tangram Fast Tennis Tee in this same collection, but it is attractive and modest enough to wear without another layer. Be bold and stay cool this summer!


We’ve arrived at the last piece we’re going to review and it’s an extra special one. Featuring a large front pocket and hidden media pocket, the Women’s Accelerate Full Zip Tennis Hoodie is a gorgeous and functional piece. It allows for easy on and off between sets and provides extra storage for tennis balls and keys, so you always feel prepared on the court. The contrast piping, raglan seams, extra long sleeves, and thumbholes are those final touches to make this look come together!hoodie composite

Let’s stop reviewing so you can start shopping! Head over to Tennis Express or today to assemble a few Solfire Transcend outfits for your summer athletic wardrobe!


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