FILA for the Summer – Men’s Apparel

The peak of summer is here, and we at Tennis Express are excited to bring you the latest FILA men’s tennis apparel. With a variety of features designed to beat the heat, you’ll stay cool and perform your best even through the hottest days. Of course, you’ll also look your best with a variety of styles to choose from. Let’s take a look at the amazing collections FILA has to offer!

FILA Cross Court


They say “simple is best,” and the FILA Cross Court collection proves why.  All it takes is a solid-colored shirt with a contrasting collar, and you can create a classic look with the Cross Court Short Sleeve Crew. For a bolder look, try the Cross Court Henley when you need a change of pace. Not only does the contrasting band look sleek, but the buttoned placket also offers custom comfort and style. When in doubt, a nice polo like the Cross Court Texture Polo offers timeless appeal.

FILA Deuce Court

Need to spice things up? Look no further than the Deuce Court collection. The Deuce Court Printed Tennis Crew features a deep wavy pattern reminiscent of the ocean waves. This apparel is available in white and Mediterranean blue colors, perfect for keeping cool even under the most intense situations. White reflects more sunlight to keep the heat off you, while blue can help you think with a cool headspace.

FILA Wild Card

Feelin’ lucky, punk? When the chips are down, it’s time to pull out the FILA Wild Card. The signature design of these crew necks and polos is the contrasting color-blocked sleeves. The Wild Card Tennis Polo in particular features a narrow placket and a smooth collar to bring together style and comfort. With these bold designs, you’ll feel like the king of the court.

Work Hard, Play Hard

All of the featured apparel comes equipped with a suite of technical advantages designed to improve your game. With UPF 50+ protection, you can stay protected from even the sun’s most harmful rays. The breathable material is not only flexible to match your movements but also wicks away sweat from your skin. These technologies work together to circulate air between your skin and clothes to quickly evaporate sweat, keeping you cool and dry. As a bonus, anti-odor technology helps you feel fresh even after the most intense matches.

Whenever you need the latest in FILA men’s tennis apparel, Tennis Express has your back. Be sure to visit our store for quality tennis apparel, shoes, equipment, accessories, and more!

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