Tennis Express’ Bold not Basic Giveaway

Wilson released teaser versions of their Clash tennis racquet late last year with a “dazzle” inspired color scheme. The design was eye catching, and served as a great marketing piece to get players excited about the new racquet.Fast forward to Spring 2019, and Wilson has updated their product line with some BOLD black and white graphics, similar to the dazzle look from last year. The racquets included are the Pro Staff 97L, Blade 98S, Ultra 100L, and the Ultra Junior 26. The designs are completely monochrome, save for the Wilson text on the shaft. The new frames are outlined below.

Wilson Ultra 100 CV: The Kinder, Gentler Ultra

Not just a powerful racquet, The Ultra has significant upgrades in comfort and control. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Ultra 100 is how easy it is to generate power. Today’s players grind from well behind the baseline, but also have the skills to venture forward and finish off points at the net. The Ultra line was created to help players be effective and explosive from every inch of the court.