Top 10 Buys from Tennis Express in 2017

Top 10 Buys from Tennis Express in 2017


1. Fila Heritage Tennis Dress

I’m guessing the “F” in “FILA” stands for “fit,” because they ace that category! What’s great is that FILA threads have an athletic fit that still lets your body breathe. So it comes in at the right places like at the waist and under the arms. The collar, the hem length, everything, screams throwback. I played in this dress because the sporty length is perfect for tennis movement. This dress is bold and speaks  for itself but you can watch my full review for this collection in the video below!

2. Lacoste Tennis Legging

Lacoste really is luxury! When I wear these pants I get a glove-like fit that’s extremely secure! So nothing’s jiggling and there isn’t any awkward bunching. What’s unique and thoughtful is the mesh at the back and sides of the calves, which is dyed in the same blue for a uniform bottom! It’s easy to cozy up in this stretchable and smooth legging.  




3. Nike Court Power Tennis Tight

Photo Source/Credit: @Uninnocentbystander

Of course I bought this because Serena Williams wore it! But also, who would’ve thought you could play tennis in leggings – the pant for yogis? I was swinging, serving, and sprinting in this tight and it was fun. Plus, the Nike compression waistband makes these the most flattering pants I have. To have bought these pants at the beginning of the year, these are a best buy because the compression, waistbands, and mesh still look brand new.



4. Ellesse Tennis Jacket

Hitting in the cold is a bit rough but jackets make those chilly days and nights bearable. A Tennis Express fav from Italy is the stand-up collar of the Ellesse Jacket. The smooth material is light so it doesn’t overwhelm the coolness of the jacket. Just check out how this winter outerwear piece is worn on their instagram . 





5. Stella McCartney Barricade Tennis  Top

Photo Source/Credit: Tennis Express

The 2017 WTA Finals winner Caroline Wozniacki is a lovely Stella Tennis Girls. The beautiful brand is well respected so I was excited to buy my first Stella top. These garments are easy to warm-up and play in because of the ample space at the top of the arm holes. The seamless design‘s outer ribbing wrapped around me with quality I could see and feel. I stood out because the fit and the look were perfect for me, but watch below to see how natural and supportive the top was on Wozniacki in this WTA highlight from Twitter. 






6. Nike Indy Pro Sports Bra

When women of any size play tennis, they need compression and support from their gear, and I got that from this bra! What’s even better is the v-neckline that I can wear with flirty dresses and low-cut t-shirts. The v-neck combined with the inner pads give a push up effect so this piece came in handy for everyday use and not just for “sports.” For more buying and bra info check out the blog Choosing the Right Sports Bra.



7. Fred Perry Taped Track Tennis Dress

If you’re a fan of the tennis dress then you have to try the super low-key NEW Fred Perry Tennis Dress. All Fred Perry apparel hints at innocence and independence with primary colors and/or signature sleeve taping. Sometimes it’s right to be simple because you can dress up or down








8. Nike Court Pure Tennis Skort

You have those tennis thighs that make everyone take a second look? Accentuate your impressive muscles with a classic skort done right! The pure tennis skort hem comes in at the sides meeting at a dolphin hem that is flattering, but more impressively gives you range of motion. Players that dress in conservatively will appreciate the rich blue that ‘s easy to blend into any colorful or neutral outfit. One point of appreciation comes from the ultra comfortable waistband.


9. Nike Court Dry Long Sleeve Tennis Top 

Sometimes I just want to get out and hit spontaneously. When the time is right, I’ll be lucky to be in the Court Dry  Tennis Top. This subtle crop top brings warmth, sophistication and an edge by giving you coverage at the chest and neck so you can show a little waist and play with your full range of motion. There’s no point in looking cute if you can’t win the point! The extremely soft collar and the hi-low hem make this one of my favorite tanks!



10. Nike Air Zoom Resistance Tennis Shoe

Before anything, know that this durable shoe must be broken in! What I love is the thick tongue as it was cushioning and comfortable when I was walking, even thought this shoe is lightweight. But I did have to loosen up and often adjust my strings so I was insured a comfortable fit. This shoe’s outsole is wide and has solid TPU midfoot shank for extra support. I pull out this shoe to make any outfit look clean against the white upper! 

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