The Best Dressed Men and Women At The 2020 Australian Open!

Best Dressed Men and Women at the 2020 Australian Open

The tennis world is alive and abuzz again! While our tennis needs were being sufficiently met by lead-up tournaments and the Rally For Relief fundraiser, the Australian Open energy and excitement remain unmatched. The promise of mind-boggling tennis, pundit predictions and dividing sartorial choices take over the air.

Speaking of sartorial choices, the grand slam arena has become about fashion as much as it is about tennis, and why not? On the big stage and in front of the rest of the world, tennis greats must look the part. So here’s a round-up of all the looks we loved in Melbourne this week!

1. Roger Federer:

Even though he manages to look sharp and elegant each time he steps on the tennis court, there’s something to be said about this blackish-blue and burgundy combination that he’s chosen for this year’s Australian Open. Dark tones are a rarity in scorching temperatures, but on Roger they look as exquisite as ever. Uniqlo’s keep-it-simple approach for Fed’s outfits is certainly a great style choice!

Roger Federer Australian Open 2020  Roger Federer Australian Open 2020


2. Naomi Osaka:

The defending champion took bits and pieces of the Nike Melbourne collection to craft herself a customized look, and we love it! She made the Nike skirt-over-bodysuit combination her own by dominant use of white and a toned-down version of Nike’s Melbourne print, making it stand out amongst the yellows and purples. The side slit added the perfect finishing touch for Naomi.

Naomi Osaka Australian Open 2020   Naomi Osaka Australian Open 2020

3. Rafael Nadal:

Ageless Rafa is rocking this pink color as if it were created just for him! There’s nothing new about his look; he has worn shades of pink more times than we can count, and he swears by his signature sleeveless style. But there’s something about the clean, simple style and the muted background print that screams sophistication and refinement!

Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2020  Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2020  Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2020

4. Serena Williams:

Just like Naomi, Serena took elements of Nike’s Melbourne fashion and put her own twist to it. The result? She redefined tennis fashion and divided the fashion world, of course. Dressed in a flowery, frilly dress in lavender tones, playing fierce tennis with her usual badass personality, she’s decimating stereotypes and we are here for it!

Serena Williams Australian Open 2020  Serena Williams Australian Open 2020

Oh, and we’re also crushing over the koala nail art!

Serena Williams Australian Open 2020

5. Alexander Zverev:

Summery, breezy and fresh; Zverev’s adidas outfit with pops of purple and peach against barely-there green tones reminds us of the Australian coastline. It’s energetic and soothing at the same time! The cool outfit is the perfect background for Sascha’s fierce, ambitious and confident game, and that contrast has us hooked!

 Alexander Zverev Australian Open 2020   Alexander Zverev Australian Open 2020

Alexander Zverev Australian Open 2020

6. Maria Sharapova:

Her game may be out of form, but her reputation as the queen of on-court glam remains intact. This Australian Open, she chose a classic fit-and-flare option that was brought to life by textures and a never-goes-out-of-style vibrant red color! With the rest of the Nike team opting for blues and yellows against the blue courts of Melbourne, Maria shone in the heart-warming crimson tone during her first-round defeat.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2020   Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2020

7. Grigor Dimitrov:

“I don’t want to be vanilla,” said Grigor in an interview. And both his on and off-court outfits were anything but. On the court, he opted for a red-white-black combination with an abstract, all-over print. It was vibrant, fresh, and looked perfect against the blue background. Off the court, he wore the divisive pebble-print tracksuit. On someone else, that might have been a problem. But with Grigor’s penchant for unconventional style and his glamorous reputation, it was quite interesting.

Grigor Dimitrov Australian Open 2020  Grigor Dimitrov Australian Open 2020

8. Coco Gauff:

She may be 15 years old, but she’s neither playing nor dressing like one. The classic, age-old black-and-white combo perfectly mirrors the wise-beyond-her-years temperament and tennis that she has displayed on the courts so far. The subtle print on both the separates add a cute, modern touch, but it’s the vibrant, neon-pink tennis shoes that accurately capture the teenager’s vivacity and energy. The calm and chaos exist in perfect symbiosis in Coco’s look, and we’re digging it!

 Coco Gauff Australian Open 2020  Coco Gauff Australian Open 2020

Coco Gauff Australian Open 2020

9. Novak Djokovic:

The Men’s Singles defending champion is sporting his classic patterned Lacoste outfit, but it’s the colors that stand out for us. Dark bottle green tones with white isn’t a combination we’ve seen often on the court, and while the rest of the players have embraced the Australian summer colors, Djokovic looks at home in his look.

Novak Djokovic Australian Open 2020   Novak Djokovic Australian Open 2020

Novak Djokovic Australian Open 2020

10. Ash Barty:

Barty’s classic, comfortable style in a world of cutouts, wild prints and color splashes is a breath of fresh air! There’s familial comfort in her light green and blue outfit, which matches the hard courts of Melbourne and the Australian landscape. It reflects her calm, focused, take-care-of-business approach on the tennis court, and we love it!

Ash Barty Australian Open 2020  Ash Barty Australian Open 2020

Ash Barty Australian Open 2020

With 38-year-olds and 15-year-olds gracing the courts at the same time, the challenge for tennis fashion is to be both diverse and overarching. With clothing sponsors delivering that and more, and our favorite stars playing better and better with each tournament, we couldn’t have lived at a better time for tennis!

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