The Best-Looking Headbands on the Men’s Tour

Rafael Nadal on Day 10 of the 2020 Australian Open Jan. 28, 2020 - Source: Getty Images AsiaPac)

Above is Rafael Nadal facing off against Dominic Thiem on Day 10 at the 2020 Australian Open (Jan. 28, 2020 – Source: Getty Images AsiaPac)

Top Men’s Players Who Wear Headbands

Tennis is an individual sport, and the elite players have the opportunity to define their own brand image. The choice of head wear is a distinct element of this image and it helps fans identify and remember the player. Headbands, specifically, are widely popular on the men’s tour, but why is that? Today, Tennis Express explains the appeal of headbands and we look at some of the top men who wear them.

Rafael Nadal

Nike has sponsored Rafael Nadal since he was a propitious teenager. Nadal, currently ranked world no. 2 in men’s singles, sports Nike tennis headbands resembling every color of the rainbow. You might remember Rafa’s appearance in the mid 2000’s:  a disorderly mane, Capri shorts, and cut-off shirts.

Rafa Nadal celebrates a winner at the French Open

Over the years, he suffered from thinning hair and underwent a transplant in 2016. Nowadays, the intense Spaniard wears a bandana to cover up his bald patches and he performs a novel wiping routine between points.

Roger Federer

When it comes to color coordination and on-court style, no one displays it better than Roger Federer. The Swiss legend continues to dazzle the tennis universe with his graceful mobility and sharp attire.

Roger Federer always looks sharp on the court

The maroon shorts, black shirt, and maroon headband at the Aussie Open was a slick look. After a recent knee surgery, Federer reclaimed his notorious RF logo from Nike. Remarkably, he maintains a world no. 4 ranking and doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. His hairline is slightly receding, but he disguises it well by wearing a headband for every match.

Dominic Thiem

Adidas, among other brands, sponsors Dominic Thiem, who is the world men’s number 3. Thiem has made a name for himself on the clay surface and nearly upset Djokovic in a compelling 5-set battle at the men’s Australian Open championship this year.

Adidas sponsors Dominic Thiem

He’s an extraordinary character, from his interesting hairstyle (why the blonde tips?) to an odd tattoo tradition with his mom. Sometimes the dynamic Austrian wears a hat, while other times he sports a headband. Either way, it’s Adidas from top to bottom.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Last year a reporter asked Stefanos Tsitsipas if he intended to cut his hair. The answer was no.

“That’s why I wear headbands, otherwise, I’d be in huge trouble,” he explained. “I like it. It’s my trademark and I’m going to keep it.”

A headband is essential for Stefanos Tsitsipas

At 21, Tsitsipas is already the highest-ranked Greek player ever. He keeps the hair and sweat out of his face with the Adidas Tennis Tie II Hairband White. As Federer, Nadal, and Djokavic near the end of their careers, Tsitsipas expects to carry men’s tennis into a promising future.

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev quickly rose to prominence on the pro tour, and he currently sits at no. 7 in the world. From a distance, he looks like a shorter-haired version of Tsitsipas (they use the same Adidas hairband).

Alexander Zverev is a young star on the rise

The German stand-out turns 23 next month and many believe he will be future no. 1 in the world. When asked what conditioner he uses, Zverev replied, “I use whatever is in the locker room, nothing special.”

Frances Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe turned pro in 2015 and has been sponsored by Nike since the spring of 2016. This year, he turned 22 and dropped out of the top 50. However, with his big serve and powerful forehand, Tiafoe has the potential to lead U.S. men’s tennis out of a long drought.Frances Tiafoe wears an American style sweatband

He wears a more “American” style Nike headband, like a true sweatband, to keep sweat out of the way.

What’s great about our tennis headbands is that one size fits most. If you have short hair like Tiafoe, a headband can still be a major asset for you during match play.


Not only do tennis headbands soak up sweat, but they also look flashy when the color complements the shirt, shorts, or shoes. Younger stars like Tsitsipas and Zverev wear headbands to tame their locks, while a veteran like Nadal uses a bandana to conceal his hair loss.


It’s hard to focus on your match if sweat is constantly dripping in your eyes. Whether it’s headbands and wristbands or caps and visors, you can don the gear of your favorite pros or choose your own style. Browse our website for more information. Whatever the reason for a headband or cap, they can help keep your focus where it belongs – on the next shot!

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