Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP 2017 – Tennis Racquet Review

Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP 2017  – Tennis Racquet Review

Hard-hitting professional players always inspire us during tournament play. Even if we aren’t full-time players, sometimes we expect to play like one. Pros like Maria Sharapova can hit for hours all because they have the right racquet at their command. She and Thomas Berdych are two champs that play with the Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP tennis racquet. It’s a tweener racquet and is recommended for players who plan to transition into a player (more advanced) racquet like the Head Prestige or the Wilson Pro Staff. I gave it a test run and here’s what I felt and how I played with the Instinct MP.


This Head racquet is lightweight in hand and gives off a new-school vibe. The colors are bright, beautiful, and color blocked with tones of blue and a few slivers of light green. It’s a refreshing update. A new exterior look often means more modern technology. Well, here it is! Strengthen your game with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor compatibility that lets you record your data during curing court time. From there you plug it into your computer to analyze your strengths and weaknesses! The sensor basically replaces the days when your mom or dad shot video of your tournaments so you could see what needed work. Set goals, compare progress, or view your game all the way down to individual shots. It can even differentiate between topspin and slice.

Players that love topspin, really LOVE topspin. You have to admit – making the ball do tricks is pretty fun! When I demoed the Instinct and my points were targeting much better and landing quicker because of great spin. The results were a great reminder to follow through. The Instinct’s 100 square inch head size is perfect for new-school players because it gives you the spin you need to be aggressive from the baseline while providing enough flexibility to give you finesse as well. The big sweet spot lends to that! Compared to previous models this sweet spot is wider and easier for players to find.  Power is also brought to you through the thicker beam width of the racquet. It’s wider frame is going to lend to that power as well.

You don’t have to be an advanced player who demands accuracy to enjoy this racquet. The Instinct’s balance is a little heavy, yet stable for the weight. So that means the racquet’s swing weight is pretty light. When holding and swinging the instinct I thought it had a lighter feel versus a racquet of a similar spec from a different brand. The proportions of power that came from the racquet kept me relaxed and focused on hitting properly, instead of swinging with tons of effort. So instead of worrying that I couldn’t outhit my opponent, since there usually is a strength difference, I knew that my focus could be on maneuverability and technique.

This racquet really could be my best friend the way it took care of my arm. I forgot about harsh impacts and sore hands with another modern update! This year Head has brought Graphene Touch into the racquet shaft. This helped to dampen vibrations produced from the rest of the racquet impact. So there was less force fighting against me, so my game come out on top with even more power for longer shots.

The Head Instinct MP is a slick, modern choice for players who value spin, power, precision, and a lightweight feel. Its all-purpose features will be sure to please anyone who’s looking for a boost to their game. I had fun rallies and felt proud of how close to the line my shots were landing. If you’ve given this new model a try, comment and let us know how your experience was!


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