The New Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Line

Channel your inner Rafa with the new Babolat Pure Aero Rafa line. Paying homage to the Matador from Spain, this new addition to the Aero line really catches your attention. The racket features a striking cosmetic that will define you on the tennis court. The incredible blend of pink, yellow, and blue will make this your favorite racket in no time. This new Rafa line features two new rackets, the Pure Aero Rafa Origin, and the Pure Aero Rafa.

The difference between the two is that the Origin has a higher weight of 11.2 unstrung and the Pure Aero Rafa is 10.2 unstrung. which is 11.2oz and 10.2oz unstrung for the Pure Aero Rafa. Not only that, but the new Pure Aero Rafa Origin is very close to Rafa’s actual racket, how cool is that?! Since the Origin is heavier and has a higher swing weight, it’s a little more demanding to play with than the standard Pure Aero Rafa, but extremely rewarding. The weight in the racket will allow for better plow through and stability. Combining the new cosmetic and the unbelievable spin potential, this racket will surely inspire you to unleash that inner bull. This racket line focuses more on your connection with the ball, which is why dampening technology isn’t added.

Lastly, to give you Pure Aero and Aero Pro fans a blast from the past, the woofer grommets from the older generations are brought back. All in all, this racket reintroduces parts of the Pure Aero’s past, adds a new look and feel, incorporates it with a new cosmetic, and pays tribute to the tennis legend, Rafa. So, tennis fans, don’t wait at all, go to tennis express and buy the Pure Aero Rafa racket today. Still interested to hear about the racket and, maybe from Rafa himself!! Be sure to check out these videos below which talks about the new racket and a little about his preferences. Until next time, Vamos!!!!

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