The Must-Have Tennis Bag: Nike Court Tech 1

Nike Court Tech 1 Tennis Bag

It’s been a while since Nike has been in the tennis bag market, but they’ve done their homework and brought us a premium model with some interesting, innovative features. At first glance, the Nike Court Tech 1 Tennis Bag may seem like your average 12-pack, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this product is a game-changer in the bag market.

The Benefits of the Nike Court Tech 1

The first big feature Nike built into this bag is its ability to stand upright on its own — no other bag on the market can claim this (unless you are into balancing your bag until a gust of wind knocks it over). Next up? The Court 1 has a flap in the center compartment that allows you to turn it into a shelf. Nike refers to this as a “locker” compartment (pictured above). Depending on what you store inside, you may or may not avoid the locker room smell we all know and love.

Get this bag in your hands and you can immediately see the care and craftsmanship in its construction. The material is durable and high quality and the stitching is well done. Plus, the zippers have a rubber pull tab stitched on that aids in gripping, making unzipping each compartment easy. The bag also features two sturdy backpack straps that make carrying the Court 1 both comfortable and easy.

The two outer racquet compartments can hold up to four racquets each. One of these compartments has a thermal lining to it that allows your racquets to stay protected from the elements — it’s also great if you use natural gut. On the same side as the thermally insulated racquet compartment, there is an accessory pocket that is also thermally lined as well. This pocket is perfect for water bottle storage or perhaps a snack for between sets or matches.

If you want a truly innovative bag, then the Nike Court Tech 1 Bag is a must-have.


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