The Science of Aerospace brought down to your hand, the Prince TeXtreme Warrior

Prince epitomizes the “strike while the iron is hot” mentality when it comes to their frames. With a wealth of positive praise for their previously released TeXtreme frames, Prince has now incorporated the technology into the all new TeXtreme Warrior lineup of frames. With a stronger focus on power production than their TeXtreme Tour siblings, the Warrior line offers multiple variations for players of any level to come out swinging. TeXtreme originated as an aerospace technology but Prince has incorporated it into their frames, using it to pack more carbon fibers in every square inch, resulting in greater power with no loss of control and feel. The Warrior lineup makes full use of this innovation for any payer who picks one up.

Players who want to blend power with a strong level of precision have multiple options in the 100 inch versions of the TeXtreme Warrior. Each frame uses a 24/26/22 variable beam to create outstanding power without losing the ability to harness it.

The Warrior 100 checks in at 11.1oz strung, allowing it to swing easily for pace and spin while having enough mass to produce solid depth. The racquet also plays with great stability for its weight class and has the ability to play excellent defense. The 9 point headlight balance allows the Warrior 100 to quickly position at the net and use its power to finish off volleys easily.

Players who want something even easier to swing can move to the Warrior 100T. It has the same forgiving 100 inch head and ample sweet spot but it brings the weight down to 10.2oz strung. This yields incredible racquet head speed for players to really amp up the pace and spin on their shots. The usage of Textreme enhances the stability of the frame but more advanced players will also have room to customize to their liking. The Warrior 100T keeps a headlight balance so that it maneuvers quickly at net and has the reflexes to play aggressively from the front of the court.

Juniors and developing players who want the precision of a 100 inch head in the lightest package will enjoy the Warrior 100L. This model marries the maneuverable 100 inch head to a low strung weight of 9.6oz. The 100L is incredibly easy to swing through contact, producing pace and spin for players of all levels.  This model gains a bit of added power and stability by switching to a slightly head heavy balance. Net play remains easy with the low overall weight of the racquet making it easy to maneuver during any volley exchange. Each Warrior 100 model uses a 16×18 string pattern, providing ample spin production for margin variation while still retaining enough control to flatten out short balls and pick aggressive targets.

The Textreme Warrior 107 and Warrior 107T both present strong options for players who want a bit of additional forgiveness and a further boost in power. Both use a thicker 24/28mm beam to create easily accessible power off the ground, especially for players with shorter strokes.

The Warrior 107 weighs in at 11.1oz strung. This makes it easy to swing through contact for spin and pace while also providing enough mass to keep shots from landing too short in the court. The 107 inch head size offers a large sweet spot and the extra size helps reach defensive balls. At net the head light balance of the Warrior 107 ensures that it stays maneuverable despite the increased head size.

Players needing an even easier to swing version can opt for the Warrior 107T. This version cuts the weight down to 10.4oz strung, making it even easier to swing through contact and create enough pace and spin to control the point. This model has a slightly less headlight balance than the standard 107 but it still positions quickly when volleying and has enough feel to execute a variety of touch shots. Both 107 models use a 16×19 string pattern to blend spin production with enough control to keep the ball in the court and allow players to hit to targets in all areas of the court.

Prince’s incorporation of TeXtreme has proven to be a runaway success. The material produces racquets with impeccable feel and response and with the introduction of the TeXtreme Warrior lineup, Prince now has an option that blends excellent feel with game elevating power levels. No matter what level of player you are, there is a Warrior model waiting to impress you with its combination of power, spin and player friendly response.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.

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