The Unstoppable Ultrashot by K-Swiss

K-Swiss is notorious for crafting one of the most reliable tennis shoes on the market.  One of their newest members is the unstoppable K-Swiss Ultrashot 3. 

the Backstory Behind the Brand

Dedicated to growing the game of tennis, literally, from the feet up, K-Swiss has been making top-quality tennis shoes for 55 years. 

The brand was born when two Swiss brothers moved to California in the hopes of pursuing their dream and developing a business focused solely on tennis. 

They found inspiration in the things they loved, including skiing and playing tennis.  Eventually, they combined elements of their leather ski boots to create a tennis shoe unlike any other. 

It was then K-Swiss launched their first on-court tennis shoe dubbed the “Classic”.  

The all-white, all-leather tennis shoe was engineered to support the aggressive side-to-side movements common to modern-day tennis players.

The Classic made its debut at Wimbledon in 1966 and the rest is history. 

K-Swiss Tennis Shoe Accolades 

In 1993, K-Swiss shoes were one of the fastest-growing aerobics and basketball shoe manufacturers.  NBA athletes began wearing K-swiss and in 1994, select styles hit the market for the walking and hiking community. 

One of the company highlights happened in 2000 when the brilliant Bryan Brothers won the Olympic gold medals wearing K-Swiss.  

Today, the brand, as well as the shoes, seems unstoppable! 

Men’s K-Swiss Ultrashot 3

K-Swiss Ultrashot 3
K-Swiss Ultrashot 3

The Bryan Brothers aren’t the only big-names wearing K-Swiss.  

Cameron Norrie and Fabio Fognini, are crushing the competition in the K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 3.  

Known as the newest generation of athletic footwear, these tennis shoes were designed with the player in mind. 

They are lighter, sportier, and more comfortable than their predecessors, the Ultrashot. 

The Ultrashot 3 is fabricated from a lightweight mesh and perforated synthetic leather material. 

Offering better breathability, dominating durability, and even more stability on the court than ever before, the new Surgelite midsole technology offers a way to diffuse power and return energy back into the areas you need it most. 

The Ultrashot 3 has an inner cushioning system and uses Durawrap to enhance support on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe.  It has an updated tongue, allowing you to customize your shoe-tying, and was designed with the competitive tennis player in mind. 

The non-marking outsole is of high-density rubber, while the DragGuard tread material at the peek of the toe box helps improve traction, durability, and is especially helpful for the toe-dragger. 

These tennis shoes come in white and soft neon green and will match a variety of tennis apparel. 

Women’s K-Swiss Ultrashot 3 

Capturing the attention of some WTA players, Venus Williams and Ajla Tomljanovic are courageous on the court in these adorable K-Swiss Women`s Ultrashot 3. 

Similar to the men’s version, these Ultrashot 3’s were to be unyielding and unstoppable. 

They are lighter, sturdier, and more comfortable than the original Ultrashot. 

Some of the upgraded features include new Surgelite midsole technology, lightweight mesh, and perforated synthetic leather, and Durawrap which offers one of the enhanced durability for players at all levels. 

These tennis shoes also have great support on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, and an updated tongue that is snug, yet comfortable. 

Once again, K-Swiss added the non-marking Aösta 7.0 high-density rubber to the outsole, and topped the shoe with a DragGuard tread material, helping improve traction and durability, especially for players that drag their toes. 

These Ladies Ultrashot 3 come in White and Peach Nectar.

Both the men’s and women’s versions of the Ultrashot 3 come with a 6-Month Outsole Warranty. *See online for details about this program and check out this K-Swiss Ultrashot video

While K-Swiss is continuing to stay on top of their game, we here are Tennis Express are proud to carry a variety of K-Swiss products including: 

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