Top Tennis Racquets for Comfort

When discussing tennis racquets, the most common attributes are Power, Spin, and Control. But comfort is probably the most important. After all, if you are experiencing arm or elbow discomfort while playing tennis, you probably are not going to be playing a lot of tennis. Changing your racquet may eliminate or lessen arm discomfort so you’re able to get back on the court. Different aspects of racquets affect how comfortable it is. A racquet’s weight, balance, and swing weight can all affect its comfort. Read below for our Top Tennis Racquets for Comfort.

Something else to pay attention to is how much flex a racquet has. Racquets with a flex rating of 68 and higher will not flex as much at contact, and they transmit more shock because of it. For greater comfort, take a look at racquets with a flex rating of 63 and lower because they reduce the amount of impact shock to the arm. If a racquet is too light, it can make for an uncomfortable hitting experience as well. A safe bet for a racquet weight is between 10 and 11 ounces, with a swing weight between 300-325.

Though we won’t get into strings much here, if you want the stringbed to be more comfortable, you should be stringing at the lower end of the tension range (45-53 pounds).  Players are consistently surprised when they reduce tension and do NOT lose control. With all of this in mind, here are our picks for top tennis racquets for arm and elbow comfort.


HEAD Gravity MP 2023

HEAD Auxetic Gravity MP 2023 Tennis RacquetHEAD’s Gravity series racquets have a hidden feature called the Flex Groove. It allows the grommets the sit deeper in the shoulder areas of the frame for enhanced feel and comfort. The Gravity MP is 10.4 ounces unstrung and it offers a moderate weight which makes it accessible to a full range of players. With a softer racquet flex aided by the elliptical beam design, the Gravity MP offers a large and forgiving sweet spot that is very arm friendly. The MP also features the SWEET ZONE head shape with the widest stringbed section raised to the tip for modern play.

Wilson Clash 100 v2

Wilson Clash 100 v2 Tennis RacquetWhen Wilson launched the Clash a few years back, the racquets had flex ratings in the high 50s. The concept was about comfort, but also the stability to rival any racquet on the market. With v2, the Clash 100 maintains the impressive combination of flex and stability, but with improved playability thanks to a redesigned construction at the tip of the hoop that significantly enlarges the sweet spot. The feel of the racquet is more consistent than the previous generation, and anyone who has struggled with arm discomfort would be wise to give the Clash 100 v2 a shot. Wilson used a plant-based plastic for the bumper and grommets, and the design features an embossed Clash logo and an anodized elastic finish for a clean, modern look.

HEAD Speed MP 2022

HEAD Speed MP 2022HEAD’s best-selling line for a few generations now has been the Speed models. The Speed MP pairs a slightly thicker 23 mm flat beam with an open string pattern and a soft flex. The Auxetic construction ensures feedback is prominent, while its Graphene inside provides stability and power. The Speed MP has an aerodynamic cross-section, which is perfect for the consistent racquet head speed needed to excel in today’s tennis. This model features an open string pattern that can work for heavy topspin players or all-court stalwarts. The MP is a well-rounded racquet that delivers a little bit of everything; power, spin, control, and you guessed it, comfort!

Yonex EZONE 98 7th Gen

Yonex EZONE 98 7th GenThe EZONE series features a special cross-section with a thinner shaft and thicker head to deliver a premium blend of explosive power and control. Yonex also made the racquet more comfortable than the previous version with a refined face design. Yonex’s Dampening Mesh inside the handle makes the EZONE 98 feel softer than its medium flex would indicate. And the Isometric design stretches the sweet spot and makes it feel larger than a typical 98-square-inch head.

The best thing going for the EZONE is how versatile the racquet seems to be. Advanced players, intermediates, and beginners love the power of the Ezone, but also the softer feel and added control that most modern frames lack.

Wilson Blade v8 16×19

Wilson Blade 16x19 v8 tennis racketOne of the most popular rackets of the last several years is the Wilson Blade. The Blade brings a comfortable flex, provided by Wilson’s FORTY-FIVE construction, and a control-oriented thin beam for players who take big cuts at the ball. The Blade is not the most powerful racquet, but it is Wilson’s most popular control frame in recent years, and advanced players crave comfort as well!

The v8 Blade 16×19 has a gorgeous color-shifting cosmetic that balances minimalism with panache. The Blades are some of the most popular racquets for competitive juniors, college players, and professionals. And of course, they’re one of the top tennis racquets for comfort.

Pro Kennex

If you have struggled with tennis elbow in the past, consider a frame from Pro Kennex. All of the Pro Kennex racquets feature movable mass, by way of micro bearings that shift when the racquet is swung for a unique and very comfortable response. Pro Kennex also has a unique Dampening system in the handle for added arm protection.

A popular model Pro Kennex is the 2023 Ki 5 and the weight is a nice middle ground of mobility and stability. The brand makes a lot of its racquets in multiple-weight configurations so you can find the one that suits your needs the best.

Pro Kennex Ki 5 Tennis Racket



If you want dampening and arm protection, but you still want a crisp response at contact, consider another really solid brand in Volkl. These models feature Volkl’s VTEX (newer models), a silicone polymer butt cap that dampens vibration and reduces torque for a more comfortable feel on every swing.

For a great example of what Volkl has to offer, take a look at the V1 Classic. The V1 blends a crisp feel with comfort thanks to larger grommets and the original Dual-Dampening system which adds a layer of EVA material inside the handle.

Volkl V1 Classic 2022

That wraps up our top picks of top tennis racquets for comfort. Make sure to bookmark our blog for the best racquets, bags, shoes, and accessories.

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