Tourna Tuff Improves the Durability of the Original

The light blue grip that “does not slip” has been a staple on tennis racquets since it was invented in 1977. It does not take long if you are watching tennis on TV to see Tourna Grip and the signature red finishing tape on the racquets of the world’s top players. Pete Sampras, Richard Gasquet, John Isner, Karolina Pliskova, and countless others relied on Tourna Grip for sweat absorption and a dry feel which is perfect for the hot humid conditions of summertime. While other grips get slippery when sweat starts to accumulate, Tourna gets tackier which makes it pretty much without equal in sweltering summer weather.


Based on the success of the original, Tourna now makes Tourna Tac and Mega Tac, which provide an addictive tacky feel that many current players are comfortable with. Both of these are ideal for cooler and milder conditions than the original version. Now, the brand has returned to the drawing board to improve and update its original formula.

If Tourna Grip has a weakness, it’s that the surface can tear fairly easily. Therefore it is not as durable as other overgrips on the market. Tourna Tuff was developed over a 7-year process, and the result is very close to the feel of the original. However, the more robust material holds up much better to wear and tear. In the most humid conditions, competitive players who sweat a lot can go through packs of the original Tourna Grip like candy. Tuff keeps the dry and tacky feel, but it substantially improves the durability of the original.

Tourna Tuff Overgrip
Tourna Tuff after 8 hours of use

Tourna Tuff is available in 3-Pack, 10-Pack, and 30-Pack. Megatac, Tourna Tac, Tourna Grip, and Tourna Tuff are all made in the USA!!!!

Here is a rundown of the different overgrips by TOURNA:


Tourna Grip – Dry feel, that gets tackier as you sweat. The standard for absorbent overgrips

Tourna Tac – A riff on the original for players who want a little more of a tacky feel, but good absorbing qualities. Better for mild conditions.

Mega Tac – “The tackiest overgrip ever made”. Not as good at absorbing sweat as Tourna, Mega Tac is for players who prefer a tacky feel!

Tourna Tuff – An updated Tourna Grip, with much-improved durability and resistance to tearing.


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