US Open Watch Party Ideas

Do you have US Open fever? Well, I do and I’m thinking about hosting a US Open finals watch party next weekend. I like to go all out on these sorts of watch parties. I make themed decorations, way too much food, and prizes for several categories. Luckily, Tennis Express has everything you need to host the perfect US Open Watch Party!

First, decorations.

Wilson Hope Pink StringTennis themed parties can be tricky, but I am a pretty creative person. Strings are perfect for holding paper lanterns, but I’d recommend going for the clearance string options since you won’t actually be stringing your racquet with them. Check out these Wilson Hope Pink Strings. Tennis Balls are perfect for center pieces or raffle numbers or holding table place markers. Really, they have a ton of decorative uses! If you need help, go to Pinterest. Martina Hingis posterAgain, go for the discount bulk options like the Wilson Regular Duty Ball Case, which includes 72 tennis balls. That should be enough to decorate for your party and take to the court for your next practice. Of course the best decorations are memorabilia. Use posters on the walls or collector cards for place settings.


Next up, snacks.

I have to tell you I can eat my weight in Cliff Bars! Buy all your favorite flavors, cut into small squares, add toothpicks, and you have the perfect snack to keep your guests smiling and full. It’s all about presentation! My favorite Cliff Bars are Cool Mint Chocolate, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, and Blueberry Crisp. The delicious bites are made of whole, organic ingredients and are a great source of protein and fiber with no trans fat. Just pay attention – the Cool Mint variety has added caffeine!

Cliff Bars

Finally, prizes.

Picking categories, taking bets, and buying prizes is the best part of hosting! Like I said, I like to go overboard with the prizes. I try to have one prize for every two to three people in attendance so that each couple can take something home. I recognize that’s a little obsessive, so maybe just go with the top three winners getting prizes! Here are my recommendations:


Tennis KoozieFor the third place award, I’d go with the Patterned Tennis Koozie. These are smart looking can or bottle holders with an Inner Neoprene Rubber Insulator to keep your drink cool. Throw in a six pack to make this a coveted prize.


TE Blue Gift CardSecond place is first loser, so it has to be a pretty nice prize! I would buy a $20 Tennis Express Gift Card. Gift Cards are perfect prizes since you don’t know who will be winning. This way, your guest is sure to get what they want!


Tennis is My Happy Hour Wine Tote

First place should be the Tennis is My Happy Hour Wine Tote. Buy a bottle of wine for your winner and put it in this stylish carrying case. It features a fun graphic, secure grip, and durable fabric perfect for taking a bottle on the go.


With all of these great products, your US Open Watch Party is sure to be a success! Start shopping and ordering today because the finals are next weekend and Tennis Express is ready to outfit your perfect party!


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