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Volkl has carved out a niche among tennis players with a consistent racquet line dedicated to comfort, feel, and performance. The company has also created a solid string selection for players who like the control offered by co-polyester mono-filament strings. Polyester strings have gotten much more user-friendly since they first came on the market, and Volkl has helped pave the way by producing more comfortable and arm-friendly co-polyester strings. Here are a few of our favorites from Volkl!

Volkl Cyclone


Volkl Cyclone is one of the most popular co-polyester strings around. The co-polyester string comes in a multitude of color and gauge options, and has a unique gear shape to give players more bite at contact. Cyclone ShapeCyclone is a perfect fit for players who love the control provided by polyester strings, but don’t love the stiff feel or arm fatigue that can be associated with them. Cyclone is one of the best values in tennis string, and you can purchase 660 foot reels, as well.

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm | 18 G / 1.20 mm | 18 L / 1.15 G / 1.10 mm | 19 G / 1.10 mm

Colors: Black | Hot Pink | Fluo Orange | Neon Yellow

Volkl Cyclone Tour

Cyclone Tour

Another member of the Volkl Cyclone family is Cyclone Tour. Tour takes the gear shape from the original Cyclone and adds a twist, literally. The gear shape is twisted to provide players even more grip on the ball than the original version. Volkl Cyclone Tour ShapeCyclone Tour offers a softer feel than the original, and a touch more power, as well. Again, Volkl gives players an incredible value with Cyclone Tour in sets or reels. Cyclone Tour can be strung a little tighter than a lot of firmer polyester offerings on the market today.

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm | 18 G / 1.20 mm

Colors: Red | Anthracite

Volkl V-Square: It's hip to be SQUARE


Volkl added another intriguingly-shaped string to their co-polyester lineup. V-Square is one of the sharper-shaped strings around. The exclusive material used in the manufacturing process gives V-Square better tension maintenance, comfort, and bite. V-Square has really strong snap-back to give big-hitting players a boost in topspin, and a surprising amount of power. The slick surface of the string promotes reactive movement for players looking for every ounce of spin. Expect V-Square to play softer than Cyclone and a little firmer than Cyclone Tour.

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm | 18 G / 1.20 mm

Color: Lava

Volkl V-Torque Tour

V-Torque Tour

V-Torque Tour has a six-sided shape to enhance the ability to spin the ball. Like Cyclone Tour, V-Torque Tour is twisted to further enhance spin. The string slots in between Cyclone and Cyclone Tour in terms of firmness, and because of the extrusion process, V-Torque Tour offers impressive tension maintenance for a polyester string.

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm | 18 G / 1.20 mm | 19 G / 1.10 mm

Color: White

As you can see, Volkl is one of the industry leaders in making softer, more comfortable co-polyester strings. If you tried some of the early polyesters and found them too stiff or harsh, Volkl is a great brand to help restore your faith in polyester. For those with sensitive arms, try a thinner 18 G or 19 G string first. They will have more flexibility and comfort than a thicker gauge, and will also give you more access to spin and power.

A Multi for the Masses

Volkl has a very responsive multi-filament, as well. Power Fiber II offers more control and a crisper feel than most multi-filament strings around. While still comfortable, Power Fiber II also works well in a hybrid with any of the polyesters above.

Power Fiber II

The Wear Resistant coating helps prevent early notching and fraying, and should keep the string playing consistent throughout its life.

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm 

Colors: Natural | Black

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