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Wilson updates their flagship, high-performance tennis shoe for 2019 with the Rush Pro 3.0. It is a daunting task to try and improve one of the most well-rounded shoes on the market, and having extensively reviewed the 2.5, I was curious to see the adjustments Wilson made.
The most glaring change for me was on the scale. Wilson managed to cut nearly an ounce off the Rush Pro 3.0*, making the shoe faster and a touch more dynamic. The upper has been upgraded with Sensifeel 2.0, and features a lightweight mesh in contrast to the 2.5 with no noticeable loss in stability or comfort. The mesh upper also enhances the shoes breathability and initial fit.

Black Rush Pro 3.0 MedialWilson revamped the cushioning and moved the Rush Pro to DF2 (9mm heel-to-toe drop) on the 3.0 from the DF1 (6mm heel-to-toe drop) on the 2.5. Though the heel-to-toe drop has increased ever so slightly, the R-DST+ provides a substantial upgrade in comfort and shock absorption without making one disconnected from the court surface.

I am proud to report that a huge strength from the Rush Pro 2.5 has carried over in the 3.0. My favorite aspect of the Rush Pro is the feel inside the shoe. The Endofit inner-sock construction helps steer the foot without strangling it, and it doesn’t make the shoe feel substantially hotter like several sock-liner systems on the market. Wilson improved the stability around the foot with their new 4D Support Chassis, which is designed to limit supination and twisting during quick changes of direction.

The phenomenally comfortable and moisture-reducing Ortholite insole returns in the 3.0. In a market where most insoles are paper-thin, Ortholite stands out and has a more substantial feel to it. As far as the Duralast outsole goes, Wilson keeps the 6-month warranty in place for the Rush Pro 3.0, and they beefed up the material on the medial side. Toe draggers can rejoice as the Rush Pro 3.0 should handle scrapes and abrasions from hard courts better than its predecessor.

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 ModelWilson certainly had a tough task when trying to improve the ever-popular Rush Pro 2.5. The end result is a worthy update and one of the best new performance tennis shoes in 2019. Wilson succeeded where many others have faltered, they made the 3.0 faster, more comfortable, and more stable to boot.

Addendum: So over the last couple of weeks, I get to my closet and get ready to go to the gym, and the shoes I reach for are not the latest and greatest from Nike or Adidas. I have been wearing the Rush Pro 3.0 more often than not. The shoes are comfortable and supportive for any gym activity, and even work well for short distance runs. Wilson has a winner here for sure.

*Rush Pro 3.0: 14.1 oz, Rush Pro 2.5: 14.9 oz



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