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Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Truth be told, I haven’t worn a Wilson tennis shoe since the Wilson Pro Staff (100% leather) in the mid-nineties. Tennis shoes have improved substantially since then, and the Rush Pro 2.5 is the embodiment of that evolution.

Though they don’t have the market share of more mainstream athletic shoe brands, Wilson doesn’t cut corners on innovation and technology. The Rush Pro 2.5 is full of subtle tweaks that give dynamic movers every advantage.

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Angle

Wilson footwear is designed in France along with other Amer Sports brands: Salomon, Mavic (cycling shoes), and Arc’teryx (outer wear and equipment).

My first impression when looking at the Rush Pro 2.5 was how the aggressive cosmetic reminded me of performance tennis shoes from industry mainstays. The iconic “W” logo on the side of the shoe blends into the magnet and black finish, while the bright orange accents appear along the outsole and tongue for a splash of style.

Several brands offer tennis shoes with a bootie or inner-sock construction. My experience is that they are great on support, but difficult to get on and off at times. They can also be rather stifling when temperatures hit triple digits. EndoFit is Wilson’s sock liner, and it offers solid stability and breathability (seen below rightWilson Rush Pro 2.5 EndoFit). It focuses on the midfoot, and leaves the ankle and heel free to breathe while keeping your foot aligned in the correct position.

For summertime hard court tennis, ventilation and cooling are paramount. Even with court temperatures approaching 115+ degrees, the dark-colored Rush Pro 2.5 didn’t absorb a lot of heat. The mesh construction did an excellent job of allowing sweat to wick away from my foot and regulate a comfortable temperature inside the shoe.

I didn’t break the shoes in at all before I stepped on the court because I wanted to test how they felt straight out of the box. I was impressed by how soft the upper felt when slipping the shoes on, and how the sock liner guided my foot, but didn’t constrict it. Throughout the match, I didn’t feel any hotspots or have any blister issues. The foot bed offered strong support and cushioning, but I still felt connected to the court with a low-to-the-ground feel.

The Rush Pro 2.5 fits true to size (I wear an eleven in most shoes, and this was the case here, as well). My foot didn’t slide at all inside the shoe, which inspired confidence in my movements.

The Rush Pro 2.5 has a *6-month outsole warranty, good ventilation, and a supportive fit. It’s an excellent option for competitive players who are hard on their shoes. The low-to-the-ground feel and wealth of technologies make it a contender with the best shoes in the industry.

*Note: The original Rush Pro 2.5 came with an outsole guarantee, but 2.5 models released at the same time as the Rush Pro 3.0 do not come with a warranty. Check the description of the model you’re interested in for more.


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