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Boris Becker is a former number one world professional tennis player from Germany. You can imagine that he only wants the best for his tennis line. “A lot has happened and changed since, but there’s one thing that remains the same: My love for tennis. Now I am taking on a new challenge with the same passion I brought to centre court: building a new tennis brand that bears my name.”- Boris Becker.

Boris Becker tennis racquets, designed by Boris Becker himself, feature a variety of racquets targeting players of all levels. Backed by 15 plus years of professional play and 6 Grand Slam titles, Boris Becker's tennis expertise is present in the design of every racquet. His collaboration with a research and development team in Germany has led to the engineering of several cutting edge racquet technologies. Boris Becker racquets contain DNX, a revolutionary carbon material that is lighter and stronger than standard graphite. These racquets also contain a variety of other technologies, including the Comfort Handle System and the Energy Box. The Delta Core tennis racquets are a separate line of racquets created by Boris. Delta Core was developed in the laboratories of the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group, in Germany. The Delta Core material is the delta-shaped arrangement of the individual carbon nano tube molecules, which permits a finely meshed structure and makes the Boris Becker tennis racquets more solid in the areas with Delta Core.


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