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Genesis is an American company with subsidiaries in Germany specializing in the development, marketing, and production of high-end tennis products. Our mission is to revolutionize the sport of tennis by creating products that give you a competitive edge over your opponents. Founded by a group of tour level players in 2006, we began to research various strings and their composition. After several years of testing and various data analyses, we were ready to enter the market. In May 2009, Genesis launched with two new polyester strings that took the market by storm. Today, we have a wide selection of strings ranging from polyester, to synthetic gut, and multifilament.

All strings are engineered under our specifications. Lab tests are done to test strings in various categories. Strings are taken through vigorous tests to ensure that they perform at an optimum level even through the most extreme conditions.We have specialists who continue to test and research new innovations so we can bring the best product to you. Our unique approach is very powerful and has been proven to work.

Genesis is very active among the tennis community and supports many academies, colleges, and non-profit organizations. We also sponsor many junior players and professional players. Armed with a depth of the knowledge and experience, Genesis continues to shape the tennis industry with revolutionary products.

To learn more about specific types of string, visit our string technology page. For assistance in getting the right string for you, check out our Choosing the Right Tennis String in our Tennis Express Buyer's Guide.


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