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In 1933 Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier founded the brand Lacoste, which was inspired by Lacoste’s tennis background. Gillier was the owner and chairman of France’s largest knitwear manufacturing firm at the time, while Lacoste was a French tennis player and businessman who acquired the nickname “crocodile” because of his on-court persistence. This nickname became the ubiquitous logo for the brand that has come to represent high fashion in tennis more than any other brand. Lacoste’s high quality apparel and shoes are known for their stylishness as much as their performances. The brand has become one of the most recognizable brands in tennis fashion today.


The brand’s polo shirt is its most famous product, worn on and off the tennis court by athletes, celebrities and the fashion forward. Its light knit fabric is perfect for wearing during a match or wearing around town. Its classic, solid color scheme and sophisticated cut appeals equally to Men and Women.


In 1963, Rene Lacoste invented the first steel tennis racquet, which gave way to the models we see today. About 10 years later he invented the dampener used on the company’s steel racquets, which absorbed vibrations and in turn improved accuracy. After these inventions, Lacoste re-settled on making stellar apparel and shoes for Men and Women, reinventing the brand’s clothing line in the early 2000s to reflect its original designs.


With all the style, sophistication and quality that Lacoste offers, it's no surprise that Dominika Cibulkova chooses to wear Lacoste on and off court. Lacoste lovers can easily complete an outfit with caps, visors, wristbands, headbands, or socks!  And nothing says tennis like a Lacoste Tennis Bag or Backpack!  Long-time ambassador Andy Roddick, now retired, can still be seen sporting their designs - a testament to the timelessness and excellence of the Lacoste brand.


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