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The Playmate Ball Machine was born in 1973 with its rugged red aluminum exterior, patented pitching system, and solid-state electronics. Billie Jean King's coach, Dennis Van der Meer, was quick to discover this promising new technology and quickly became a long time friend and supporter of Playmate Ball Machines. After 2 years of constant design and innovative developments, the birth of the modern ball machine came in 1975 when the Playmate Genie could feed a player a couple of deep ground strokes, an approach shot, and then a volley. The original Playmate was the red color of European clay courts. This new Playmate Genie was so revolutionary that it warranted changing the color of the ball machine to the now famous Playmate Green.

At the turn of the century, Playmate began to accelerate forward with new products. In 2001, they invented the first hand-held, touch-screen computer based ball machine. In 2013, they introduced iPlaymate Tennis which brings the Chameleon Series ball machine together with your iPhone or iPad. With the same legacy of innovation, Playmate stands today offering the most complete line of tennis training systems known across the globe. That same Green, rugged aluminum exterior that caught the attention of Dennis Van der Meer stands today at almost every tennis club across the country.

For help in choosing a tennis ball machine, check out our Guide to Tennis Ball Machines in our Tennis Express Buyer's Guide! Tennis Express is knowledgeable and has all the information you need about tennis ball machines, so don't hesitate to call with any additional questions. To order your tennis ball machine today, please call 1-800-833-6615.

Note: We do not ship Ball Machines outside of the United States.

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