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Pro Kennex products deliver a remarkable performance solution or a notable design enhancement. They push product performance for players that are seeking to push their game and define their lifestyle. Overall, Pro Kennex provides the best and is for those who seek the best. 


Pro Kennex tennis racquets focus on breakthrough technologies. Pro Kennex is not your typical racquet company because their products are only released to the market if they feel that something revolutionary has been done. Pro Kennex racquets have never been and never will be duplicated. They are unique and revolutionary! Prokennex also spends time and effort studying the human body in motion, making sure their products benefit the athletes that use them. To learn more about Pro Kennex tennis racquets, visit our Pro Kennex technology page in our Tennis Express Buyer's Guide!


Complete your Pro Kennex look with high quality bags and backpacks!  These racquet bags feature plenty of compartments for organization, thermal lining to keep your strings fresh, and plenty of protection for your frames!


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