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Our sunglasses are made with high quality polarization filters to reduce glare, effectively giving you high-definition vision even under bright sunlight. And our polarizing film is encapsulated within the lens so it will never peel off or fade. Solar Bat® uses selective wavelength filtration technology to highlight sport-specific colors, while bleaching out color distractions. They can even make you a better tennis player by improving your visual recovery time after looking into the sun when serving.

We double coat our Noctular® lenses - both front and back surface - with a super scratch coating. The Noctular® material provides a total UV block and for added protection we incorporate a UV block into our polarizing film as well. All Solar Bat® lenses are constructed of our proprietary Noctular® lens material. Glass and hard resin lenses are for wimps who are not serious about outdoor performance. The Noctular® material far exceed all government standards for impact resistance and are infinitely safer to wear than glass or hard resin lenses.

Metal frames are constructed of aluminum or Solar Bat®’s proprietary Durolar. All other frames are constructed of high performance TR90, resulting in a lightweight frame for all-day comfort. The materials used in our sunglasses are light in weight yet rugged enough to carry the Solar Bat® name. Temple boots and nose pads are TCG material exclusive to Solar Bat®. TCG (Temperature Controlled Grip) actually increases facial grip as the temperature gets hotter. Solar Bat® knows you do not want your sunglasses to use your nose as a ski slope in hot weather.


Solar Bat Sunglasses

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