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Long before Thorlos® were even an idea, the foundation was being put in place. In 1953, Lewis Thorneburg, driven by a philosophy that a worthwhile life is "to be the best at something," began fostering that same desire in his son, Jim. In 1970, Jim became determined to build the best worldwide sock brand ever. His idea was to "listen to customers in order to find their real needs," and then develop solutions to their problems. THORLO continues to design solutions that are dedicated to providing protection and comfort in order to keep consumers on their feet, thereby, helping to keep them active and healthy, no matter their sport or activity. After all, your feet are your most important piece of equipment.


Thorlos makes anatomically designed, patented terry padding for socks to protect your feet. The padding reduces static pressure and impact, and diminishes shearing forces by utilizing their Control-Slide technology. This means that instead of the tissues on your feet moving in opposite directions, the terry padding moves under your feet, transferring the movement from the tissues of the foot to the terry padding itself. And to ensure that your feet are protected from the adverse effects of accumulated perspiration inside the shoe, surface moisture and water vapor are effectively channeled to the outside of the foot where they can be evacuated through the shoes. Thorlos makes performance socks for Men and Women.


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