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Dunlop Tennis

Dunlop Sport is a brand famous for its racquet sports prowess. Along with being the No. 1 squash retailer in the world, Dunlop has honed its tennis supplies and equipment to match the quality of some of the most reputable brands in the world. Used by some of the game's greats in the past, including Stefi Graf, Rod Laver, and John McEnroe. Current players who swing with Dunlop sticks include Nicolas Almagro, Dominka Cibulkova, and Fernando Verdasco.

Dunlop's racquets offer an array of high-tech features to accommodate the style of any player. Its signature Biomemetic technology optimizes the design of the racquet using inspiration from nature and its organisms. Biomemetic racquets are developed to enhance performance by using the structural efficiency and performance enhancement that has evolved in the natural world as a template for sports engineering. One of these technologies is Aeroskin, inspired by sharkskin and used to streamline the surface of the racquet to increase airflow through microscopic riblets which reduce drag. Aeroskin makes Dunlop racquets more powerful, more maneuverable, and reduces drag by up to 25%.

Dunlop accessories also benefit from the Biomemetic design structure. The Silk string from Dunlop, for example, was designed to mimic the strong yet supple qualities of silk thread, making this string optimal for power and a generous sweetspot.

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