Babolat Tennis

Babolat tennis has been manufacturing strings since 1875. The world-renowned brand has its headquarters in France, and is just as famous for its high quality products as it is for its double-lined logo, a fixture of the brand since its inception. Babolat manufactures high quality tennis strings, racquets, shoes, tees and accessories.

Founded by Pierre Babolat, ownership of the company has been kept in the family for over 15 decades, and is currently headed by Eric Babolat. The company invented natural gut tennis strings in 1875 and continued to focus solely on strings until 1994, when it became a "total tennis" company. Albert Babolat, Eric’s Great Grandfather, was a pioneer in string development, and his vision helped create what has become one of the biggest tennis companies globally.  Babolat’s string collection consists of synthetic, hybrids, and natural gut. This versatility has not sacrificed quality, however.  Each category of string has unique properties suitable for different player types.

This brand’s success can also be attributed to its exceptional tennis racquets. Rafael Nadal and France’s own Jo-Wilfried Tsonga both play with Babolat tennis racquets exclusively, as well as retired player Andy Roddick. Some of the top women play Babolat as well, including Agnieszka Radwanska and Samantha Stosur and the retired Li Na. The brand's most popular series of racquets include the Aeropro, Pure Drive, and Pure Storm lines. The technology that goes into developing each racquet is heavily researched and has led to some of the most innovative equipment in the game. Babolat also makes high-quality junior racquets that incorporate some of the most advanced racquet technology on the market.

After decades of launching successful racquets and strings, the shoe division was launched in 2003. Babolat banded together with Michelin to create competitive footwear that is made to last. The shoes are designed with both your sport and gender in mind, ensuring you get support where you need it, fit where you want it, and power in all the right places.

In addition to the essentials, Babolat makes tees, tennis balls, wristbands, grips and bags. Babolat tennis bags are created with the same attention to detail and construction that goes into all its products, making the brand highly desirable by many tournament players.

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