After a relatively quiet 2018, Wilson Racquet Sports is going all in for 2019 with the announcement of the Wilson Clash 100, and Wilson Clash 100 Tour tennis racquets. So often when the big brands update a racquet line, the changes are marginal and mostly cosmetic. However, Wilson has taken a completely different approach with their new Clash racquets. With a stated goal of “making all other racquets obsolete”, Wilson returned to the drawing board to make an attempt at truly revolutionizing the game.

Turn back the clock a bit to 1949 when recreational players were carrying their Jack Kramer Autograph racquets to the courts. The heavy wooden frames were difficult to maneuver and had so much flex you could see the racquet bend in real time. As time moved on, Wilson innovations included a shift to the first metal racquets: The T-2000 in 1967, the Graphite/Kevlar Pro Staff in 1980, and the stiffer, lighter Hammer series in 1990.

More recently, Wilson has made racquets more comfortable with Countervail technology, and vastly opened up string patterns with Spin Effect Technology. With that said, they have never truly started from scratch to redesign a tennis racquet. With the Clash, Wilson “clashes” with a few paradigms of traditional racquet manufacturing. The chief example is how the racquet maximizes power and control. Wilson claims the Clash is the most flexible racquet ever, but with stability to rival any current carbon fiber frame on the market. The “Clash” name is actually born from the idea that all racquets are either more suited toward control or power, but not both. With the Clash, tennis players will notice a distinct feel because of its focus on both attributes.

Perhaps the most enticing thing about the Clash racquets is that they aren’t designed for one swing or game style. The FreeFlex technology is designed to bend with any type or speed of swing, keeping the ball on the strings slightly longer for more tuned-in control and accuracy. The technology behind the Clash doesn’t discriminate, it’s intended for everyone to enjoy the benefit!

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