Racquet Warranty

Our new tennis racquets have a one-year manufacturer's warranty and replacements are at the manufacturer's discretion. In order to provide customers with the best customer service possible, Tennis Express will replace defective racquets.

Please follow the steps listed below to submit your racquet for warranty evaluation

  • 1. Contact Tennis Express Warranty Department at 713-435-4827.

  • 2. Send your racquet into Tennis Express

    Tennis Express
    Attn: Warranty Department
    10770 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77042

  • 3. Our team of racquet specialists will evaluate your warranty claim. If your racquet is deemed under warranty or defective, Tennis Express will string your replacement racquet at no charge with your original string (excludes natural gut).

  • 4. Tennis Express will ship your new racquet

  • 5. Play Tennis!

Racquets showing abuse or uncertainty of being within warranty will be sent straight to the manufacturer for evaluation. If the manufacturer decides not to replace the racquet, it will be returned to you along with an explanation from the manufacturer. Denied warranty racquets will be treated as abandoned and will be properly disposed of if unclaimed for 30 days.

Please note that Yonex racquets must adhere to a two-piece stringing pattern in order to be eligible for their limited 1 year warranty.

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