Can I have different shipping addresses?

Different Shipping Address and Third Address Policy

Yes. You can specify as many shipping addresses as you want. Just login and go into your account then click "Add new shipping address" from the left hand panel. is devoted to protecting the safety and security of our customers. Therefore, it is our policy to only ship verifiable orders to bank-verified and confirmed addresses.

If you wish, an alternative ship to address can be established. In most cases this will delay your order. We must be able to verify your billing address and the alternative shipping address in order for us to process your order. Please make sure to supply us with your current email and telephone numbers to speed up the verification process. Before placing your order contact your credit card issuing bank at their customer service dept and add an "Authorized Alternative Shipping Address" to your account. This is an address that allows Tennis Express upon authorization by your credit card company to ship to a different address than your registered billing address. Also, the information will remain on file for future orders and allows a secure means of alternate address verification. Your credit card company’s toll free numbers is listed on the back of your credit card and on your monthly billing statement. If the issuer does not allow shipping to an alternate address, the order in question or any future orders using this credit card must ship to the billing address only.

We understand that many times you may be giving the items as a gift or traveling yourself and need a product shipped to a different address. The verification is an accepted process by all merchants and credit card companies.

We thank you for your business and hope that you understand we must adhere to these policies.

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