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2018 Adidas Women's Barricade Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Forged Mesh
  • Insole: AdiPRENE EVA
  • Midsole: AdiPRENE+, GeoFit, Barricade Chassis
  • Outsole: adiWEAR, Non Marking

2018 Adidas Women's Barricades


Adidas Barricades have been a staple in the tennis world for many years. They’ve always been known for their durability and stability. This 2018 version provides that same durability and stability with a few great updates. As a Barricade wearer throughout my junior days, I was particularly excited to check out how this new version measured up to previous ones.


When first stepping into the shoe, I immediately noticed the gel-like cushioning around my ankle. It provides an incredibly soft and stable feeling around the ankle. I have had ankle injuries in the past, so this was a very welcome surprise. Although it provides great cushion around the ankle, I felt like it lacked cushion on the balls of my feet. While it didn’t feel particularly soft on the bottom of my feet, it does have a good thick sole to provide lots of protection between your foot and the court. On hot days, you won’t have to worry about feeling the court through these shoes. As far as stability goes, these are tried and true Barricades in that they feel stable from your toes through your arch all the way to the heel.


I was particularly excited about how light these shoes felt in comparison to many of their predecessors. They are lighter, but don’t compromise stability. Since they are more lightweight, I felt very comfortable moving through long rallies and sprinting balls down on the opposite side of the court. This version definitely provides an improvement in maneuverability.


Breathability & Fit
Because these shoes provide extra stability in the form of a thick sole and thick protection surrounding the foot, they are not a very breathable shoe. I would recommend a very lightweight sock when wearing these shoes. As far as fit goes, I loved the way these shoes fit. The Geofit technology definitely made these shoes fit like a glove. My foot felt well supported without feeling claustrophobic. I also love the way the tongue of the shoe is attached to the sides. This contributed to a comfortable, sock-like feeling.


These shoes are unmatched by others when it comes to durability. These shoes can be worn for countless 3-setters with very little wear. They are particularly good for toe-draggers on the serve. They have an extra-high sole on the toe to prevent wear for toe-dragging on serving and quick starts and stops. This new version also provides a Barricade chassis on the outside of the arches for increased durability and stability through the midsole.


Overall, I was very pleased with this update to the classic Barricade shoe. It has better fit and maneuverability than previous versions, while maintaining the stability and durability we all know and love.


About the Reviewer: Crystal Fain currently serves as the Head Tennis Coach for Stratford High School in Houston, TX and plays in various USTA Leagues. She played at the super champ level in the USTA Texas section before going on to play at Washington & Lee University.


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