2018 Adidas Women's Stella McCartney Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe Review

Shoe Technologies

  • Upper: Breathable Mesh, 360 degree TPU Construction, AdiTUFF
  • Midsole: AdiPRENE+, Boost™
  • Outsole: adiWEAR 6, 3D Torsion

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Barricades take on a whole new style and feel with the Stella McCartney Barricade Boost Version. From first glance, I loved the aesthetics and design of these shoes! Stella McCartney Barricades always have unique color patterns to make them stand out among other brands. They also incorporate the Boost™ technology that Adidas has been known for to enhance bounce-back and responsiveness for players on the court. I was particularly excited to compare these Stella McCartney Barricades to the traditional Barricades from the past.


For me, the biggest differences between these and the traditional Barricades were the weight and the support in the ankle area. I really appreciated that these Stella McCartneys were very light and easy to move quickly around the court while still maintaining the stability I love in the toe box. The Boost™ technology provided excellent cushioning and really softened the midsole area as I moved around the court.


I really appreciated the lighter weight of these shoes allowing me to quickly sprint around the court. I felt well supported as I was moving to the net on drop shots as well as moving back to cover lobs. The 3D Torsion technology on the outsole assisted me with greater stability and responsiveness during my side to side movements so I never felt out of place. I could easily recover and be ready to move aggressively to the ball.


Breathability & Fit
I was very impressed at the breathability of these shoes. I wore these shoes in 95+ degree weather and never felt like my feet were suffocating. The breathable mesh and 360° TPU construction work well together to provide plenty of ventilation and support for your feet. These shoes also do a great job protecting the soles of your feet well from the heat of the court while maintaining the breathability on the top of your feet. The fit of this shoe is pretty narrow except for the ankle. I felt this shoe was built for a wider ankle and for my narrow feet, this caused some stability issues.


As far as durability goes, these shoes are about as durable as you can get. They are particularly durable at the front thanks to AdiTuff technology providing great protection for servers who drag their toes. The adiWEAR 6 on the bottom provides great, long lasting durability which adidas is known for. Plus if you wear completely through the bottom, adidas has a 6-month outsole warranty allowing you to exchange for a new pair with the manufacturer directly. This guarantee really comes in handy especially for hard court players like myself. Even after a month of playing, these shoes seemed to feel brand new on the bottom which makes me want to use them time and time again. Traction is also very good and you will not have to worry about being wrong footed wherever you are on the court.


Overall, they are a very comfortable and durable tennis shoe. Some of the comfortability comes from the tongue being sewn into the side of the shoe, providing a glove like feel to your foot. I would recommend these shoes to any woman with a medium to wide foot that is looking for a stable, durable and cute shoe.


About the Reviewer: Crystal Fain currently serves as the Head Tennis Coach for Stratford High School in Houston, TX and plays in various USTA Leagues. She played at the super champ level in the USTA Texas section before going on to play at Washington & Lee University.


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