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Adidas 2008 Olympics Tennis Gear Collection

Fans of the Olympic Games rejoice! This year, for the greatly anticipated Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas is bringing you the "Made for Beijing" collection, featuring the all new tennis apparel the athletes wear to compete. With a classic white and black color scheme, these clothes have been designed to draw classic, yet modern, Chinese architecture.

At Tennis Express, we're bringing you the Olympic tennis gear for both men and women. These new pieces feature a variety of technologies, including ClimaCool and ForMotion, to meet the needs of athletes everywhere, from Houston to Beijing and everywhere in between.

Adidas' ClimaCool technology is a really breathable ventilation system built into the apparel that keeps cool air flowing in and heat and sweat flowing out through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels, and three-dimensional fabrics. All these fancy technologies help you ignore the boiling summer heat and focus on your game.

The ForMotion apparel technology has been three-dimensionally engineered to move naturally with the athlete’s body. It's strategically placed in the seams to follow the contours of your physique and mimic your natural movements for maximum effect. Whether your lining up at the baseline for the opening serve or running up at the net for the final put-away, Adidas ForMotion never stops working.

Another great limited edition item from Adidas is the all new collectable, the Barricade V Beijing edition. This version offers the same snug and comfortable feel Barricades are known for with an all new color. Loaded with a variety of unique footwear technologies from Adidas, the Barricade V offers the perfect blend of durability, cushioning, and support. With added mesh for that much needed ventilation, your feet will stay cool and dry while your crushing your opponent. This shoe wouldn't be a limited edition without something special, that's why inside the Barricade V is a unique sockliner that shows a GPS grid map of the Beijing venue where these epic tennis games will take place. You may not be an Olympic athlete, but you sure can look and feel like one this summer with Adidas' Olympic Tennis Gear Collection.

Barricade V Beijing Tennis Shoes


Adidas Men's Tennis Theme Polo

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Adidas Women's Tennis Polo

Adidas Women's Tennis Skort

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******UPDATE 8-10-08*******
We now have the Spotlight Tribute 2008 Olympics car set! It showcases Olympic stars such as LeBron James, Roger Federer, Roman Sebrle, Ana Ivanovic, Michael Phelps, Maria Sharapova, Tyson Gay, Rafael Nadal, and Yao Ming. Get your set today!

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