Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2.0 Tennis Shoe Review

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  • Upper: AdiTUFF, Sprintframe Construction
  • Midsole: Torsion System, AdiPRENE, AdiPRENE+
  • Outsole: adiWEAR, Non Marking

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2.0 Tennis Shoes


Adidas has really stepped up their tennis shoe game in recent years, consistently revising their models to offer higher performance and new innovations. That philosophy stays the same with the introduction of the new Ubersonic 2. Adidas’ flagship lightweight shoe gets a significant upgrade with the introduction of the new Primeknit knit bootie upper. This lightweight material is designed to be light and flexible while still providing strong support for aggressive movement. The SprintFrame build provides additional support around the knit upper, creating stabilization and locking the foot in. The shoe also uses Adiwear 6 rubber to provide a good mix of traction and durability.


The Ubersonic 2 fit true to size for length and I was able to wear my standard size with enough room at the toe. The width was medium in feel but the knit construction of the upper did allow it to stretch around my foot and it should be able to accommodate several different foot widths without issue. The Primeknit upper was incredibly soft and required zero break in to play comfortably. There was also a TPU layer around the Primeknit which helped provide support and ensured the shoe did not feel too floppy. I found enough arch support without it being high enough to cause any pain. Comfort with this shoe was superb as the upper molded to my foot. My only issue with comfort revolved around the laces. The Ubersonic 2 used a much thinner lace than any other Adidas shoe. Since the shoe lacks the padding of a traditional tongue, I found the laces to cut into the top of my foot if pulled too tight. I’d like to see either a thicker lace or some additional padding in the top of the upper in order to remedy the issue.


The Ubersonic 2 offered excellent breathability. The knit upper was very light and did a good job of dissipating heat. Even with a TPU layer around it, I never felt like the shoe was holding heat in. Players looking for something with a light, foot friendly feel that doesn’t suffocate their feet would have plenty to like with this shoe.


On court, the Ubersonic 2 was simply exceptional. The light and low to the ground feel made me feel incredibly quick around the court. I felt I could really be explosive with my first step and make quick breaks on any ball. The light feel and the way the shoe molded around my foot allowed me to play without even noticing the shoe was there most of the time. The traction was another outstanding aspect of the shoe. It offered excellent grip and stability whenever I needed it. Even with the excellent grip, the shoe also allowed me to break free when necessary and using more of a sliding action. I felt the Ubersonic put together the best of both worlds, offering enough grip on stops and starts while also allowing me to break traction when pushed to. The overall durability seemed on par with any other lightweight shoe on the market. With speed oriented shoes, the trade off is always a drop in durability. I would rate the Ubersonic 2 favorably for sole durability compared to the Vapor and on par with other lightweight shoes I’ve tried. The soles started to bald in spots after a few weeks but even as the tread wore down, I didn’t feel them become overly slippery. My bigger durability concern was around the toe. While there was some additional material at the toe and on the medial side, I had heavy wear in those areas pretty quickly. Heavy toe draggers may go through the toe of their shoe well before they run into the durability limit of the soles.


Adidas has thrown down the gauntlet in lightweight shoes with the introduction of the Ubersonic 2. The use of Primeknit in the upper makes it one of the softest shoes on the market and it provides an impressive amount of lateral support for how soft it feels. It offers outstanding speed around the court and a responsive, low to the ground feel. While the laces could be improved and durability won’t win any awards, the Ubersonic 2 is an incredible match day shoe that will allow anyone to fly around the court with confidence.


About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.


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