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Adidas has been a power house in tennis fashion for many years now and it's success has been driven by cutting-edge technologies. The German brand continues to find ways to include new technologies in their clothing every season to make their clothing stand out from the rest. Adidas apparel is famous for its style as well as high-performing qualities. ATP and WTA Players alike trust this brand on tour to provide them with the best apparel that doesn't limit their performance capabilities.


Here are the technologies that we have for adidas:

Body Mapping, Clima365, ClimaCool, ClimaChill, ClimaHeat, ClimaLite, ClimaProof, Parley Ocean Plastic™ and UPF Protection.



Body Mapping


If your body can be understood, then it can be improved upon. A principle that allows designers to place the right fabrics in exactly the right place to keep athletes dryer, more comfortable and performing at their peak in all types of weather conditions. Body mapping is a breakthrough concept that analyzes women's body temperature regulation and sweat during exercise. Adidas identified the different zones where heat and moisture are released based on gender, body type, and weather conditions. Then they designed performance apparel that meets the specific environmental demands of the tennis court.


Adidas Body Mapping Technology





Your body's temperature can always be 37ºC and sunny. Head-to-toe temperature optimization designed to keep you dry, comfortable and performing at your peak in the temperature and weather conditions specific to your sport. As an athlete, this temperature will most likely change depending on the weather. Clima365 uses the Adidas Body Mapping principle to integrate an arsenal of Clima365 apparel technologies (ClimaCool, ClimaWarm, and ClimaProof) into a single product and place them exactly where they need to be keeping you dry, comfortable and performing at your optimal body temperature 365 days a year no matter what the forecast says.


Adidas Clima365 technology





adidas ClimaCool technology

The best ventilating material that not only leads away sweat and keeps the body dry, but because of it’s rare woven at more sweaty parts of the body the air can get through the textile and thereby effectively cool the skin.





adidas' ClimaChill fabric technology is specifically engineered to keep you cool, regardless of the situation. Clothes constructed with this material are designed to feel cool on contact, maintain a comfortable microclimate, and provide enhanced breathability. This is done through the following:


  • Cool on Contact: Aluminum Cooling Spheres are strategically placed in areas notorious for generating sweat. This helps to cool these warmer parts of the body, and results in an almost chilly feeling on contact.
  • Climate Control: Specialized SubZero yarn, created from woven titanium fibers, draws heat away from your body, and is actually meant to maximize surface contact with your skin. As a result, additional heat is transferred away from your personal microclimate.
  • Breathability: To optimize the functionality of the aforementioned features, ClimaChill fabric is constructed to feel lightweight and airy.


  adidas ClimaChill Apparel Technology






ClimaHeat burns through winter with unrivalled breathable insulation and superior moisture management, keeping you super-warm and dry. Be unstoppable in the harshest, coldest conditions.





ClimaLite is one of Adidas' most famous technologies to date and it's continued use over time shows how successful this technology is being utilized. ClimaLite was first introduced back in the early 2000's when sweat wicking performance apparel was taking off. It was placed in a lot of cotton apparel since cotton tended to absorb moisture, but now you will find it mixed with most types of fabrics (i.e. polyester,nylon,wool,etc.). This technology is designed to keep athletes dry in warm temperatures by pulling sweat away from the body to the outer surface and preventing sweat/heat buildup.


Adidas ClimaLite Technology


Today you will find ClimaLite technology in the Parley, MatchCode, Club, 3 Stripes and Barricade collections to optimize tennis players' performance. ClimaLite has been enhanced by providing clothing that's more breathable, lightweight and flexible. In the Parley collection, you will see Climalite and Parley technologies combined to give athletes even better sweat wicking performance along with environmentally friendly clothing. In the MatchCode collection, Climalite is combined with stretch woven materials to provide better comfort and freedom of movement.





Adidas' ClimaProof is designed to protect you from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. By blocking wind, rain, and snow, while still allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation, your feet will be kept dry and comfortable in any weather conditions.


adidas ClimaProof Technology



Parley Ocean Plastic™


Parley Ocean Plastic™ is a new technology that is being utilized in the new Adidas Parley apparel collection. This technology takes recycled plastic waste from beach and coastal communities, before it reaches the ocean, and turns it into environmentally friendly tennis clothing. This technology is developed by Parley for the Oceans which is the biggest supporter of ending plastic pollution.




UPF Protection


Adidas is continuing to provide players with needed protection for every weather condition. Their UPF protection technology has been developed just for those hot temperature days so you can protect yourself from the sun. There is UPF 30+, UPF 50 and UPF 50+ protection added to fabrics allowing for better UV ray coverage in hot, sunny weather. You will find this technology added to many short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, hats, shorts and compression gear.


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