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The Babolot Aero Tour Series is considered to be one of the most aerodynamic tennis racquets in the world. With air penetration rated at +15% and better air resistance 95% of the time you'll benefit with a faster swing, greater spin on the ball and significantly improved control over the ball. This in turn also leads to increased racquet head-speed throughout the entire swing pattern, which consistently produces sharper, cleaner shots resulting in more powerful serves, more penetrating ground strokes and crisper volleys.
Babolat has focused on aerodynamical advantages for some time now and the Aero Pro Racquets were one of the most-respected racquets in this line. The unique racquet boom is shaped like a wing to cut down on drag. The Aero Pro Racquets have been designed to improve speed and tennis racquet maneuverability. The figure below illustrates the variety of tubing all throughout racquet. They have been professionally designed and engineered to significantly improve one's game.


According to Babolat, testing has yielded 15% additional racquet head speed despite an additional 1/2 inch of length on the racquet. This means, the slightly larger head not only moves faster, but can effectively hold a more open string pattern which in the long run can create a greater balance of both control and spin over the ball. The racquet's optional plus series, enables greater reach for those angled shots and a significant amount of power.

aeromodular technology

While some companies are focusing on racquet materials, Babolat continues to be one of the leaders in aerodynamic racquet technology. By making their racquets more streamlined, they can be larger, more maneuverable and more powerful.

The new modular frame concept with High Modulous Graphite creates maximum penetration of the racquet through the air and increases hitting power. The player benefits from a faster swing coupled with increased power while maintaining excellent ball control!
Perfect control for directional hitting!

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