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Babolat Apparel Technology



Babolat has been a major tennis equipment manufacturer since the company started in the late 1800's and it is famous for high-quality tennis products. The brand has built a great reputation by providing the most innovative technologies and supplying equipment to many generations of tennis champions. Top tennis players around the world trust this brand to provide the best quality apparel items for the professional tour and recreational play.


Below are the technologies that we have for Babolat:

37.5 Technology, 360 Motion, Fiber Dry Fabric and UPF Protection.



37.5 Technology


Babolat's 37.5 Technology is designed to maintain an optimal relative humidity in your personal "microclimate". This translates to greater comfort, endurance, and overall performance because your core is kept at an ideal temperature.


Babolat 37.5 Technology



360 Degree Motion Technology


Babolat's 360 degree Motion is specifically designed to compliment the complex movements associated with racquet sports - overhead swings, reaching across the body, explosive lateral motion, etc. This is immediately noticeable under the arms or between the legs because there are no seams. By utilizing this construction method, athletes can expect a bio-technical cut that keeps up and moves with them.


Babolat 360 Motion



Fiber Dry Fabric


Fiber Dry is a polyester-based fabric engineered to be water-resistant and durable, yet feel light and soft for minimal friction and distractions. Apparel featuring this fabric are easy to care for, and provide excellent durability during intense performance.


Babolat fiber dry technology



UPF Protection


Similar to other tennis apparel manufacturers, Babolat wants you to feel protected from the sun when you play outdoors. There UPF Protection technology will keep UV rays from hitting your skin and allow you to play longer in the hot temperatures. There is UPF 30+, 40+ and 50+ protection.


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