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Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT Racquet

Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT

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98 square inches, 16 x 20 string pattern

The latest incarnation of the Babolat Pure Storm Tour is a nicely updated player’s frame with a comfy, control-laden feel that doesn’t deviate too much from the original. That’s a VERY good thing, because the black and red 2007 version of this frame was the ultimate ripstick without a heavy dosage of feel and stability. For big-hitters that’s sometimes exactly what they need to reign in the power when slugging it out from the baseline in those heavy exchanges.

Off the ground this racquet is a great spin generator. Balls dive in to the deeper recesses of the court with long and forceful swings. This is a groundstroker’s delight no doubt about it.

Serves are a bit trickier and require you to give it more of a go to generate the pace and volleys require a tad more touch and feel. Wristy, repetitious-stroking players (like myself) will appreciate the plentiful ‘pop and top’ this stick gives you access to and love the feeling of hitting to the fence without ACTUALLY doing so.  

At 11.3 ounces it’s somewhere in the middle of the weight spectrum, and probably more for the advanced player than for the unseasoned newbie. If you’re under 4.0 and don’t like the weightier frames, the recommendation here is to probably stay away. But those 4.5+ and up ball crushers and’s a must have.

The only knock on this frame, honestly, was the color scheme. The previous red and black version was a killer looking stick, the Brooklyn Decker of racquets. Babolat has ditched that color scheme and gone to a predominantly white and red color scheme. It just didn’t do this sweet stick justice. It may not be beautiful as it was, but the results still are.

Racquet Specifications
Head Size: 98 sq. in MP
Length: 27 inches
Weight: Strung — 11.8 oz
— Unstrung — 11.3 oz
Tension: 50-62 pounds
Balance: 6 Pts Head Light
Beam Width: 21mm
Composition: Graphite/Tungsten 
Flex: 66
Grip Sizes: 1 2 3 4 5
Grip Types: Skin Feel
Power Level: Low
String Pattern: 16 Mains/20 Crosses — Mains skip: 8T, 8H,
— One Piece — No Shared Holes
Swing Speed: Fast
Swing Weight: 314

Racquet Testers

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