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Babolat RPM Dual is Here!

Babolat has been a pioneer in the field of shaped polyester-based strings. First, Pro Hurricane Tour debuted its popular octagonal shape for added spin generation. Next, RPM Blast took the same shape with a new formula for added power and spin, and RPM Team was injected with air for improved comfort. Now, Babolat has upped the ante even more with the introduction of RPM Dual, the first dual-compound RPM string.

One of the problems with poly strings is lack of tension maintenance, and Babolat has tried an innovative procedure to solve that issue by combining materials in RPM Dual. A normal co-poly string is crossed with a titanium co-poly and twisted to produce a string with unique playing properties (Babolat calls this “Twist System Technology”).

The standard black co-poly side provides power and comfort, while the white titanium co-poly half (titanium is used in the manufacture of white pigments) contributes durability and improved tension maintenance. By twisting the two materials together, Babolat effectively creates a cross-section split into quarters (see picture at right), pretty much assuring the player of having both compounds in contact with the ball on every shot and providing the full benefits of both compounds no matter where you strike the ball.



Titanium’s high melting point (about 3,000 degrees F) makes it perfect for the “snap back” friction-generating action of poly strings, reducing the string’s tendency to “grab” onto itself as you brush up the back of the ball. Combined with a cross-linked silicone coating, RPM Dual is ideally designed for increased spin application.

RPM Dual’s power production is lower than RPM Blast and is recommended for players with higher-powered swings who are looking for durability, control and spin. If this describes your game, take Babolat RPM Dual for a “spin” today!

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