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Babolat has been a major player in the tennis industry for decades. While they're largely known for strings and racquets, Babolat also offers a number of innovative tennis shoes for players at all levels of the game.


Current Babolat tennis shoe technologies include:

Active Flexion, Cell Shield, Ergo Motion, Exact Pro, PowerBelt Strap, Kompressor System, Matryx®, and Michelin Performance.



Active Flexion


Babolat's Active Flexion technology is incorporated throughout the tennis shoe to address 9 key pressure points for maximum responsiveness. This attention to detail to the natural movement of the foot translates to greater comfort and overall dynamism, as well.




Cell Shield


Babolat's Cell Shield is a cellular material that can be found throughout the shoe. In the inner part of the shoe, this technology is smaller and more densely packed. On the top, Cell Shield can be seen in larger, less concentrated patterns. Overall, this provides an excellent combination of durability and comfort.


Babolat Cell Shield



Ergo Motion


Babolat's Ergo Motion is a dual material midsole designed to encourage a fluid transfer of energy during lateral movements and swift changes in direction. This takes pressure off of your feet and joints, and creates a more enjoyable playing experience. Ergo Motion consists of REVAX material on the inside, and EVA Light on the outside. Together, these compounds are resilient, comfortable, and absorb high pressures.


Babolat Ergo Motion



Exact Pro


Babolat's Exact Pro technology is designed to address the fact that roughly 80% of movement in tennis is either lateral or diagonal. It does this by helping players explode to all corners of the court with greater efficiency. Much of the pressure in this type of movement is put on the forefoot. Exact Pro technology takes this into account to enable faster footwork, better responsiveness, and more precise control.


Babolat Exact Pro



PowerBelt Strap


Babolat's PowerBelt Strap has become an iconic staple within the brand's supportive and durable tennis shoes. It offers excellent stability, and ensures optimal heel and arch support. An enhanced version of the PowerBelt Strap is known as X Support. This iteration utilizes two straps that wrap around the ankle. Past iterations of this technology include Foot Belt and Foot Belt Lite.



Kompressor System;


Babolat's Kompressor System is a high performance shock absorption system designed with Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) tubes. These tubes compress with each step to reduce impact on your feet, and then spring back into their original shape as pressure is released. This minimizes the energy transferred into your joints, and provides a dynamic bounce back response to propel each step forward. The Kompressor System is designed to be long-lasting, so even the most competitive athletes do not need to worry about running this technology into the ground. It has been upgraded over the years, and is similar to the brand's KPRS-X technology.


Babolat Kompressor System





Babolat's Matryx® is a patented, high performance material designed in partnership with Chamatex® specifically for tennis players. This technical fabric is comprised of Kevlar® and Polyamide fibers. As a result, Matryx® is flexible and breathable, but extraordinarily durable and abrasion-resistant. Woven into key areas of the shoe, this innovative material technology is truly state-of-the-art, and offers competitive players with a tremendous combination of support, comfort, and performance. Like many other Babolat technologies, Matryx® has seen regular upgrades, and goes by a few similar names.


Babolat Matryx® Technology in the Jet Mach II



Michelin Performance


Babolat's Michelin Performance technology was developed in collaboration with Michelin researchers, and was directly inspired by road rally tires. The end result is an outsole that even the most competitive players can trust to be long-lasting and of high quality. Performance is guaranteed through the fine attention to detail in the shape, thickness, sculptures, and rubber make-up.


Babolat Michelin Performance


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