Babolat ThermoGut

Babolat manufactures "one" Natural Gut string. There are 13 stages during the manufacturing of Natural Gut. One of the later stages is to determine the thickness of the string (the gauge). This is when VS and Tonic Natural Gut strings are seperated. VS Natural Gut is sanded to the exact diameter and is measured to the thousandth of a millimeter. Tonic Natural Gut has a range of thickness. This means the thickness is consistent throughout the string, but there is a range of gauges in Ball Feel and Longevity. The specific gauge of each Tonic Natural Gut will not be given. It would be difficult for 3.0-4.5 adult players to feel the difference between Tonic Ball Feel and VS 17 and 16 gauges.

This chart will explain the gauges
VS Natural Gut

Tonic Natural Gut
Ball Feel Thermogut     127mm - 132mm / 17-16
Longevity Thermogut     133mm - 137mm / 15L-15
126 years after the launch of the first strings in natural gut, Babolat once again innovates with a natural gut in line with the market requirements:
- The increase in light and powerful racquet sales has led to a requirement for improved comfort.
- Due to the growing demand for thin string gauges, it has highlighted a growing need for improved wear resistance.
The advantages:  
Thermogut Technology is a new high-temperature finishing process which increases the cohesion of fibers down to the core of the string.
- Durability increased 25%
- More than 60% resistance to humidity (compared to all season treatment)
- This technology does not alter the natural qualities of the string: ball touch, retained tension, and elasticity.




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