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Babolat's Superior Fit eXperience

Created in cooperation with not only other shoe experts, but our very own Q, the Babolat SFX has finally been released to the public. Months ago the French manufacturer best known for their natural gut strings brought shoe specialists from around the world to brainstorm ideas to make an ultimate shoe, and the result is the super comfortable, super breathable SFX.

Babolat SFXFor a brand that just started making shoes a few years ago, Babolat has quickly caught up to many of their competitors, especially with the success of the Propulse line. Despite this, there are always players looking for something unique, something different from the typical tennis shoe.

If that’s what you are looking for, the Babolat SFX is definitely worth a try. It still has all those typical sport-related features like the Michelin Performance outsole, a 3D shank for stability, and a beefed up toeguard for durability against those that drag their feet on court, but there is something unique about this one.

When I say unique, I’m not just talking about the bright blue color. Named for Superior Fit eXperience, the SFX provides a feel that is unlike any other Babolat shoe around. In addition to having a medium-wide toebox, the high amount of mesh provides an incredible amount of ventilation.

The front is protected by the same Cell-Shield material as you will see in the Propulse 3, albeit in a slightly different appearance. For comfort in the heel, the Kompressor insert is used to absorb the shock of running down every ball.

What makes the SFX shoe truly unique, however, is possibly the most sophisticated, and complicated, insole of all time. This five-piece insert starts with a 3-D EVA cup pad, then a 3-D EVA cup, followed by a spring EVA, a layer of PU Ortholite, finally a layer of memory foam, all topped with an antislip coating.

So what’s not to like about a shoe with tons of ventilation and comfort designed for agility and turning heads on the court? Well, in case you were worried, the SFX does come with Babolat’s six-month outsole guarantee. You really just have to try this shoe on for yourself.

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