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Barclays Equipment Line Up: David Ferrer

With the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals starting today, we bring you the gear of David Ferrer. He qualified by winning his hometown title in Valencia over Marcel Granollers. For anyone that has followed Ferrer’s racquet choice in recent years, you would know that he’s not one to change equipment often, and it makes sense when you look at his schedule. He plays more tournaments than most top players, and making drastic equipment changes would be detrimental to a guy that does not have the most commanding style of play. Ferrer did however, change racquets at the beginning of 2010. He moved from the very old Prince TT Warrior DB, the all white frame made popular to Patrick Rafter’s use of it at the end of his career, to the slightly more updated Prince Ozone Tour MP. His new racquet has a slightly larger headsize, 100 vs. 97, but a thinner beam for a bit more control. This was a daring move for a player that is listed at 5’9, but probably more like 5’7. It appears to have worked for him, though I’m sure Prince would prefer him to use a more updated racquet. We will have to see if he switches to the newest version of the tour when it is released next year. As far as strings are concerned, Ferrer keeps it simple and basic. He has been using the same Luxilon Big Banger Original since 2005, and continues to use it. A very stiff string with pretty low power, it helps him take his big swings and still control the ball. Like most pros that play full polyester set ups, he strings fairly low, typically ranging from 20-25kg. This is roughly equivalent to a range of 45-55 pounds. Given a 100 sq. in. frame with an open string pattern, this seems relatively low to most recreational players, but is fairly common on the tour. The tour players do typically restring their racquets every few days at least, so they always have fresh strings and do not worry about tension maintenance of the string. David Ferrer wears Lotto apparel and has been wearing the Lotto Raptor Ultra shoe. The Raptor Ultra is a fairly lightweight shoe that focuses on stability and energy return. Seems like a perfect fit for a guy that makes his living by running balls down and delivering them back with power. There’s our look at David Ferrer and his current gear. Time will tell if he switches to the upcoming Prince Tour model. Check out our next feature, #6 Tomas Berdych.

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