Caroline Wozniacki's New Racquet

Caroline Wozniacki Yonex V-CoreThe last time anyone saw pictures of Caroline Wozniacki with a racquet in her hand was at a charity event in Belarus where she and Victoria Azarenka participated along with Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko. At that event though she was playing an all blacked out frame, but with her usual Babolat string set up and logo. One picture shows a bright, glossy green buttcap on her frame, along with the squared shape of the head made it easy to tell that she was trying out a Yonex racquet. The reason for the all black frame is because she still is currently under contract with Babolat until the end of 2010.

After I'm sure much negotiation with several different manufacturers, all vying for the number 1 from Denmark to represent their brand, it appears that Wozniacki has made her choice. As seen from this picture, she is now holding a new Yonex frame, complete with logo and all. The paint scheme on this racquet means that it is definitely not an E-Zone model, which is the technology that Ana Ivanovic recently switched to.

Yonex has managed to keep a very tight lid on their newest line up, which has not been officially announced. The unofficially-announced line is rumored to use a new technology known as V-Core and will hopefully be out in late January. With a few other models being discontinued and on their way out, including the frames of Yonex stars Lleyton Hewitt, David Nalbandian, we have to wonder what the new V-Core line is going to look like and what new racquets are coming out.

Will the racquet change affect Wozniacki's game and success? How long of an adjustment should we expect before she is comfortable with a new racquet. What changes can we expect from the new V-Core frames compared to the current RDiS series?

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