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Choosing the Right Tennis Bag

Bag Sizes

Every tennis player knows how important the perfect tennis tote is to their tennis gear collection (towels, shoes, grips, balls, snacks, drinks, etc). Whether you’re an avid player or a tournament competitor, you’re sure to find a functional bag at Tennis Express. Here's a guide to determining the right type of tennis bag to fit your needs. After you’ve chosen the optimal size for your racquets and gear, check out our bag selection or click the categories above to view additional options.


If you’re an occasional tennis player who stops by the neighborhood courts a few times a month or a beginner who is just getting a feel for the game, you probably own one, maybe two, tennis racquets. If that’s the case, perhaps a 3-pack bag would be sufficient for you. In a 3-pack, you have one compartment (approx. three inches wide), which is big enough to accomodate three racquets at most. If you don't have three racquets, you'll have room to include a change of clothes and some accessories. These bags often feature an exterior zipper compartment used for keys, wallets, etc. Browse our 3-pack page today to choose from our wide selection!


For more advanced players who like to carry a few backup racquets, as well as additional tennis gear, the 6-pack may be the most convenient bag size. In a 6-pack, you will have one compartment (approx. three inches wide) to hold 2-3 racquets, as well as an adjacent compartment for an extra pair of shoes, change of clothes, snacks, and a few other items. If you think a 6-pack is appropiate, check out our 6-pack page today to choose from our huge selection!

8-Pack, 9-Pack, 10-Pack

Tournament players will love one of the 8, 9, or 10-pack options, which usually feature three pockets capable of holding up to nine racquets. One of the bag's compartments will usually feature ThermoGuard insulation to help protect your racquets from extreme temperatures. The other two pockets and exterior accessory compartments hold everything from an extra pair of shoes to sweaty clothes. Many come equipped with a moisture-proof pocket. Backpack straps are also a common feature. Check out our 8-pack, 9-pack, and 10-pack pages today to choose from our comprehensive selection!


For the most high-intensity players, the 12-pack, also known as a Supersix or Supercombi bag, is the way to go. With one compartment (approx 3-4 inches wide) large enough to hold 3-4 tennis racquets, and often equipped with ThermoGuard, this is the largest of the racquet bags. Great for tournament travel, 12-packs feature additional perks such as backpack straps, shoe compartments, and multiple-accessory pockets, making it great for a long day on the courts. Don't forget to look at our 12-pack page today to choose from our extensive selection!


The 15-pack option has 12-pack features with slightly more space built in to the three main compartments. Some versions even come with golf bag-style, stand-up legs! 15-pack tennis bags are usually the top of the line bags, which include the most features and the highest quality from each manufacturer. Check out our 15-pack today to choose from our amazing selection!

Bags with Wheels

Rolling tennis bags are great for players who like to take their tennis gear with them on long trips. With enough room to store in excess of 12 racquets, and as much gear as you can add, these aren't your average court bags. Usually complete with a telescopic handle and smooth-wheeling motion, these bags are easy to transport. In addition, firm carrier straps offer versatility when wheeling won't work and you need to carry or lift this bag. View our Rolling Bags today to choose from our wide selection!

Tennis Backpack

The racquet backpack is another great option for players who hit the court on an intermittent basis. Backpacks usually feature enough room to fit one or two racquets, and they can be a comfortable alternative to the longer racquet bags that hang off the shoulder. These compact carriers often feature compartments for water bottles, tennis ball cans, and accessories. Browse our Backpacks page today to choose from our extensive selection!

Shoulder Tote

Looking for a simple and stylish bag to carry your tennis gear? Tote bags provide the perfect solution. Featuring fortified shoulder straps and eye-catching designs, totes can add personality to your game while facilitating transport of your racquet, tennis gear, and personal items. If you think a shoulder tote is right for you, check out our Shoulder Tote page today to choose from our huge selection!

Tournament Bag

Tournament bags are usually the same size as a 6-pack tennis bag. Typically, these bags feature one-to-two large compartments suitable for carrying several racquets and some additional gear. They don't usually have backpack straps, but they have carrying handles or one main shoulder strap instead. View our Tournament Bag page today to choose from our amazing selection!

Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are a great way to carry your extra gear. They aren't quite long enough to carry your racquets, but if you only need some additional space to carry gear, then a duffle bag is a great option. Don't forget to look at our Duffle Bag page today to choose from our large selection!

Bump Racket Covers (Neoprene Sleeve)

Bag bumpers are a great way to protect your racquets against dings, dents, and scratches when jostled in your tennis bag or used as a lightweight way to transport your sticks! These stylish, yet simple, covers can also be used to organize your racquets if you have racquets strung at multiple tensions. Browse our BumpRacket Covers page today to choose from our extensive selection!

Shoe Bag

Ever pulled your shoes out of your bag a day after a long match and that stinky smell still lingers? These shoe bags are a great way to keep your shoes seperated from the rest of your gear. Whether you want to carry it in your main bag or carry it seperately, you'll have an effective way to keep your gear clean and smelling fresh. Check out our Shoe Bag page today to choose from our wide selection!

*In addition to various sizes, many tennis bags also come with other features such as moisture protective sacks and Thermal Guard Technology. Moisture protective sacks are used to hold wet clothes and bags keep all of your other gear dry after a demanding match. Thermal Guard technology includes an insulated lining on the inside of the tennis bag to protect your frame and strings from extreme weather and moisture that can be detrimental to your racquet.

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